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Viña von Siebenthal Riomistico Viognier

Viña von Siebenthal Riomistico Viognier

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Von Siebenthal Riomistico Viognier: A Chilean White Wine of Enticing Opulence


Viognier, in the right hands, can produce stunning wines overflowing with aromatic intensity and palate-pleasing richness.  The Von Siebenthal Riomistico Viognier, meticulously crafted in Chile’s Aconcagua Valley, is one such example.  This opulent white wine beckons with a captivating symphony of stone fruit, floral notes, and a whisper of honeyed sweetness, making it the ultimate indulgence for lovers of full-bodied white wines.

Tasting Notes

  • Appearance: Luminous pale yellow with vibrant green hues dance in the glass.
  • Aromas: Prepare to be enveloped by an intoxicating bouquet of ripe apricots, peaches, honeysuckle, acacia blossoms, and a subtle hint of honey. A touch of minerality adds complexity and depth.
  • Palate: The palate is where Riomistico truly shines. Voluptuous and mouth-filling, it bursts with flavours mirroring the enticing aromatics. Expect juicy peach, ripe apricot, and exotic tropical fruits intertwined with honeycomb and delicate floral nuances. A well-integrated acidity provides freshness and balance, while the finish lingers with suggestions of spice and a pleasant warmth.

Food Matches: The Perfect Pairing Guide

The full-bodied nature and aromatic complexity of Von Siebenthal Riomistico Viognier create a delightful interplay with a wide range of culinary experiences.  Here are some ideal pairings:

  • Rich Seafood: Creamy lobster dishes, pan-seared scallops with a hint of spice, and grilled salmon with a beurre blanc sauce. The wine’s texture beautifully complements the luxuriousness of these dishes.
  • Spicy Cuisines: Think Thai curries with coconut milk, flavorful Moroccan tagines, or Indian dishes with aromatic spices. Riomistico’s richness and hint of sweetness will tame the heat and elevate the complex flavours.
  • Soft & Creamy Cheeses: Brie, Camembert, or a buttery triple cream cheese will make splendid companions. The wine will cut through the richness while adding another layer of indulgence.
  • Roasted Poultry: Roast chicken with herbs, or a delicately seasoned turkey. The wine has both the body and freshness to stand up to poultry without overpowering it.

Why Choose Von Siebenthal Riomistico Viognier?

If you revel in the richness of Chardonnay but seek an exciting alternative, the Von Siebenthal Riomistico Viognier will undoubtedly deliver. This Chilean gem exhibits the variety's inherent opulence, yet maintains a superb balance that makes it remarkably food-friendly. Whether you savour it on its own or pair it with your favourite dishes, it's a white wine guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.


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