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Tenute Tomasella Friulano

Tenute Tomasella Friulano

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Unveiling Elegance: A Deep Dive into Tenute Tomasella's Friulano

The esteemed Tenute Tomasella winery, nestled in northeastern Italy, crafts a captivating expression of Friulano, an indigenous white grape varietal. This detailed tasting note explores the intricacies of this wine, guiding you through its aromatic profile, flavour characteristics, and ideal food pairings.

In the Glass:

Tenute Tomasella's Friulano boasts a luminous straw-yellow colour with verdant hints, hinting at its freshness. Tilting the glass reveals remarkable clarity, belying a depth of flavour waiting to be discovered.

Aromatic Exploration:

The initial aromas are delicate and reserved, gradually unfolding a captivatingly complex bouquet. Delicate hints of acacia blossom and honey intertwine with crisp orchard fruits reminiscent of pear and apple. Subtle grassy notes emerge, adding a touch of intrigue and invigorating freshness. As the wine opens up, a whisper of minerality peeks through, hinting at the influence of the Friulian terroir.

On the Palate:

The first sip of Tenute Tomasella's Friulano delivers a burst of vibrant acidity that instantly awakens the palate. The wine possesses a medium body, offering a pleasing weightlessness without compromising on structure. The flavours echo the aromatic profile, with orchard fruits taking centre stage. Juicy pear and crisp apple flavours mingle harmoniously, complemented by subtle hints of honey and a whisper of almond. The well-integrated acidity ensures a clean, refreshing finish that lingers pleasantly on the tongue.

Crafted with Meticulous Care:

Tenute Tomasella's Friulano is a testament to the meticulous winemaking practices employed at the winery. The wine is crafted from 100% Friulano grapes, meticulously selected and harvested at optimal ripeness. To achieve the wine's signature characteristics, 50% of the grapes undergo gentle pressing, while the remaining 50% experience a 10-hour period of cryomaceration. This technique involves macerating the grapes at very low temperatures, extracting additional flavour and aromatic compounds from the skins. Following pressing, the juice undergoes fermentation at a controlled temperature of 16-18°C. The wine also undergoes full malolactic fermentation, a process that softens the acidity and adds a touch of richness to the palate.

Serving Recommendations:

To fully appreciate the delicate flavours and vibrant acidity of Tenute Tomasella's Friulano, it's best served chilled between 10-12°C. This temperature range preserves the wine's refreshing character and accentuates its fruit-forward notes. Consider using chilled white wine glasses with a slightly narrow rim to focus the aromas and enhance the tasting experience.

Food Pairings:

The versatility and bright acidity of Tenute Tomasella's Friulano make it a perfect companion for a variety of dishes. Here are some exceptional food pairings to elevate your culinary journey:

  • Seafood: The wine's vibrant acidity cuts beautifully through the richness of seafood. Pair it with shellfish, such as oysters, clams, or mussels, for a delightful harmony of flavours. Delicately flavoured white fish dishes also find a perfect match in this Friulano.
  • Pasta: Lighter pasta dishes are a wonderful match for Tenute Tomasella's Friulano. Consider pairing it with creamy pasta dishes featuring fresh vegetables or seafood, or explore simple pasta dishes adorned with a touch of olive oil and fresh herbs.
  • Risotto: Creamy risottos with asparagus, spring vegetables, or parmesan cheese find a beautiful complement in this Friulano. The wine's acidity cuts through the richness of the risotto, creating a delightful textural contrast.
  • Salads: Fresh salads bursting with seasonal vegetables and a light vinaigrette dressing pair exceptionally well with Tenute Tomasella's Friulano. The wine's refreshing character complements the vibrant flavours of the salad ingredients.
  • Regional Specialities: For a truly immersive culinary experience, explore pairings with regional specialities from Friuli-Venezia Giulia. Consider prosciutto crudo, a dry-cured ham, or fresh asparagus to discover a taste of the Friulian terroir.

A Refined Expression of Friuli:

Tenute Tomasella's Friulano is a remarkable example of the quality wines produced in northeastern Italy. This captivating white wine showcases the elegance and finesse of the Friulano grape varietal, offering a delightful balance of fruit, acidity, and minerality. With its versatility and food-friendly nature, Tenute Tomasella's Friulano is sure to become a staple on your table for any occasion.


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