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Rathfinny Classic Cuvée Brut

Rathfinny Classic Cuvée Brut

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Rathfinny Classic Cuvée Brut: A Taste of Sussex Sparkling Excellence

The Rathfinny Classic Cuvée Brut is a captivating English sparkling wine, a cornerstone of the Rathfinny Estate's collection. This exquisite brut, crafted using the traditional method (méthode traditionelle), showcases the brilliance of Sussex terroir and meticulous winemaking.

Aromatic Delights

Pour yourself a glass of Rathfinny Classic Cuvée Brut and be greeted by a vibrant symphony of aromas. The first whiff reveals a delightful interplay of citrusy notes, with tinges of grapefruit and zesty lemon. Hints of red apple add a touch of sweetness, while a surprising whisper of brioche emerges, hinting at the wine's complexity. This captivating bouquet is sure to tantalise your senses and prime your palate for an exceptional tasting experience.

On the Palate: A Balancing Act

The first sip of Rathfinny Classic Cuvée Brut introduces a delightful dance of flavours on the tongue. The initial impression is one of refreshing acidity, reminiscent of zesty citrus fruits. This vibrancy is beautifully balanced by the wine's creamy texture, which adds a touch of richness and depth. As the wine unfolds, subtle hints of biscuit and brioche emerge, lingering on the finish. The balanced acidity ensures a clean and refreshing aftertaste, leaving you wanting more.

Food Pairings for Every Occasion

The Rathfinny Classic Cuvée Brut's versatility makes it a perfect companion for a variety of dishes. Its refreshing acidity and zesty character pair wonderfully with seafood. Consider indulging in a plate of crispy fish and chips, where the wine's vibrancy cuts through the richness of the batter, creating a delightful harmony.

For a more elegant pairing, opt for prawn linguine. The sweet and succulent prawns find a perfect match in the wine's citrus notes, while the creamy texture complements the pasta's richness.

The Rathfinny Classic Cuvée Brut also shines alongside poultry dishes. Roasted chicken or a flavoursome chicken pie find a fantastic partner in this sparkling wine. The wine's acidity cuts through the richness of the chicken, while the subtle bready notes complement the savoury flavours of the pie crust.

A Touch of History: The Rathfinny Estate

The Rathfinny Estate, nestled in the heart of Sussex, boasts a unique terroir perfectly suited for growing sparkling wine grapes. The estate's chalky soils, similar to those found in Champagne, France, provide excellent drainage and contribute to the grapes' minerality. Coupled with a cool climate with warm summers, these conditions allow the grapes to ripen slowly, developing exceptional depth of flavour.

The Rathfinny Classic Cuvée Brut: A Celebration of English Sparkling Wine

Whether you're celebrating a special occasion or simply enjoying a delightful evening with friends, the Rathfinny Classic Cuvée Brut is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. This exceptional English sparkling wine offers a delightful balance of acidity, fruit character, and creamy texture, making it a truly remarkable expression of British winemaking excellence.

Experience the Magic at The General Wine Company

At The General Wine Company, we are proud to offer the Rathfinny Classic Cuvée Brut online and in our shops located in Liphook and Petersfield. Visit our website or any of our stores to explore this exquisite sparkling wine and embark on a delightful journey through the heart of Sussex.


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Speedy delivery, well packaged and Rathfinny has become my favourite bubbly!