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Philip Shaw The Dreamer Viognier

Philip Shaw The Dreamer Viognier

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Philip Shaw The Dreamer Viognier: A Symphony of Flavours and Pairings


Viognier, an aromatic white grape originating in France's Rhône Valley, has found a beautiful expression in the high-altitude vineyards of Orange, New South Wales. Philip Shaw's The Dreamer Viognier is a prime example of this variety's elegance and complexity, showcasing vibrant stone fruit, floral notes, and a delicately spiced finish. In this tasting note, we'll delve into its aromas and flavours, as well as explore the ideal food matches that will elevate your enjoyment of this delightful Australian wine.

Tasting Notes

Appearance: The Dreamer Viognier pours a light straw yellow with subtle hints of green, indicating youthful vibrancy.

Aromas: Prepare to be delighted by an enticing and complex bouquet of ripe apricots, orange blossom, honeysuckle, and a hint of white pepper. As the wine opens up, expect subtle nuances of toasted almonds and a touch of minerality.

Palate: On the palate, The Dreamer Viognier offers a harmonious balance of juicy stone fruit, refreshing acidity, and a delicate spice character. Flavours of apricot and peach mingle with hints of citrus zest and a touch of ginger on the mid-palate. The finish is long and satisfying, with a subtle warmth and a lingering note of white pepper.

Technical Details

Region: Orange, New South Wales, Australia

Varietal: 100% Viognier

Food Pairings

Philip Shaw The Dreamer Viognier's versatility makes it a wonderful companion to a wide range of cuisines and dishes. Here are some inspired pairings to try:

Seafood: The wine's vibrant acidity cuts beautifully through richer seafood dishes. Imagine grilled prawns with a zesty herb dressing, pan-fried scallops with a touch of citrus, or seared tuna with a ginger-lime glaze.

Spicy Dishes: The Dreamer Viognier's hint of spice and delicate sweetness make it a delightful match for dishes with a bit of heat. Try it with Thai green curry, Indian chicken korma, or Moroccan tagines.

Creamy Sauces: The wine's refreshing acidity and stone fruit flavours bring balance to creamy sauces. Pair it with a classic chicken fettuccine alfredo, a creamy mushroom pasta, or even a lobster risotto.

Soft Cheeses: Enjoy The Dreamer Viognier with soft, creamy cheeses like Brie, Camembert, or a decadent triple-cream cheese. The wine's acidity will complement the richness of the cheese perfectly.

Additional Tips

Serving Temperature: For optimal enjoyment, serve Philip Shaw The Dreamer Viognier chilled, ideally around 10-12°C (50-54°F).

Glassware: Use a standard white wine glass with a moderate bowl size to allow the complex aromas to fully develop.


Philip Shaw The Dreamer Viognier offers a compelling expression of Australian Viognier. Its aromatic intensity, vibrant acidity, and delicate spice notes make it a versatile and exciting partner for a wide range of dishes.  Whether you're enjoying a leisurely seafood meal, a flavourful Asian dish, or a cosy night in with a cheese plate, The Dreamer Viognier promises to elevate your dining experience.




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