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McHenry Hohnen Tiger Country

McHenry Hohnen Tiger Country

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McHenry Hohnen Tiger Country: A Bold Blend from Margaret River

The McHenry Hohnen Tiger Country is a captivating red wine blend produced in the renowned Margaret River wine region of Western Australia. This unique expression departs from the traditional Margaret River Cabernet Sauvignon focus, delving into a Spanish- and French-inspired blend of Tempranillo, Petit Verdot, and Graciano grapes. The resulting wine is a complex and intriguing journey for the palate, showcasing the craftsmanship of McHenry Hohnen's winemaking team.

A Blend with Heritage

The name "Tiger Country" evokes the rugged and untamed nature of the vineyards' terroir. The grapes for this blend are sourced from regions south of Margaret River, known for their challenging growing conditions – a characteristic reflected in the resulting wine's bold personality. Interestingly, the blend's composition can vary slightly from vintage to vintage.

Tasting Profile: A Symphony of Flavour

On the nose, the McHenry Hohnen Tiger Country unfolds with a captivating bouquet. Initial aromas of ripe summer berries, such as strawberries and plums, give way to intriguing earthier notes like wet slate and balsamic vinegar. This intriguing interplay hints at the wine's complexity.

The first sip delivers a medium to full-bodied experience, showcasing the harmonious balance achieved in the winemaking process. The juicy fruit flavours from the nose translate beautifully onto the palate, with ripe plum and succulent blackcurrant taking centre stage. Hints of spice, such as sweet cinnamon and black pepper, add further intrigue.

The influence of the Petit Verdot becomes apparent in the mid-palate, where structured yet fine-grained tannins emerge. These tannins provide a backbone to the wine, ensuring a long and lingering finish. Importantly, they are not overbearing, but rather complement the wine's overall structure.

A refreshing burst of acidity cuts through the richness of the fruit and tannins, keeping the entire experience lively and balanced. This balance is a hallmark of McHenry Hohnen's winemaking philosophy and is a key factor in the wine's ageability.

Food Pairing Recommendations

The McHenry Hohnen Tiger Country's bold personality makes it a versatile wine for food pairing.  It pairs wonderfully with red meat dishes such as grilled steaks, roast lamb, or hearty stews. The wine's savoury notes also complement rich poultry dishes like duck confit or game birds.

For a more adventurous pairing, consider exploring dishes with strong flavours, such as smoked meats, blue cheeses, or mushroom-based vegetarian options. The wine's acidity will help to cut through the richness of these foods, creating a harmonious dining experience.

Conclusion: A Wine of Distinction

The McHenry Hohnen Tiger Country is a testament to the innovative spirit of Margaret River winemaking. This unique blend offers a captivating exploration of flavour and texture, showcasing the potential of these under-utilised grape varieties in the Australian wine landscape. With its bold personality and ageing potential, the Tiger Country is a wine that is sure to impress both casual wine drinkers and seasoned connoisseurs alike.

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