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La Combe Blanc Pays D'Oc

La Combe Blanc Pays D'Oc

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La Combe Blanc Pays d'Oc: A Refreshingly Fruity White Wine from Southern France

Uncork a burst of sunshine with La Combe Blanc Pays d'Oc, a delightful white wine from the south of France. This invigorating beverage is perfect for all occasions, offering a delightful balance of fresh fruit flavours and a crisp finish. Whether you're enjoying a light lunch, a seafood feast, or simply relaxing on a warm evening, La Combe Blanc Pays d'Oc is a fantastic choice for discerning wine drinkers.

In the Glass:

Pour yourself a glass of La Combe Blanc and be greeted by a beautiful pale yellow colour with shimmering hints of green. As you swirl the wine, enticing aromas fill the air, dominated by vibrant citrus notes like grapefruit and lemon. Hints of white peach and melon add a touch of sweetness to the bouquet, creating a truly inviting olfactory experience.

On the Palate:

The first sip of La Combe Blanc explodes with freshness. The citrus fruits from the nose translate beautifully onto the palate, offering a burst of zesty acidity that invigorates the senses. The powerful citrus character is balanced by subtle hints of white stone fruits, leaving a lingering impression of minerality. The wine is light-bodied and easy-drinking, with a crisp and clean finish that makes you reach for another sip.

Grape Varietals and Winemaking:

La Combe Blanc is a Pays d'Oc wine, meaning it hails from the expansive Languedoc-Roussillon region in southern France. This IGP (Indication Géographique Protégée) classification ensures a certain level of quality and typicity, but allows for more flexibility in grape varietals compared to stricter AOC (Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée) regulations.

The exact grapes used in La Combe Blanc are not disclosed, but it's likely a blend of white grapes indigenous to the Languedoc-Roussillon region. Some potential candidates include:

  • Grenache Blanc: Known for its floral and citrusy notes, Grenache Blanc contributes to the wine's vibrant acidity and refreshing character.
  • Roussanne: This grape adds richness and body, along with hints of white peach and stone fruits.
  • Vermentino: A grape variety known for its bright acidity and minerality, Vermentino could be responsible for the La Combe Blanc's crisp finish.

The winemaking process likely involves gentle pressing of the grapes to extract the juice and prevent excessive bitterness. Fermentation at cool temperatures helps preserve the fresh fruit character and enhances the wine's vibrant acidity.

Food Pairing:

La Combe Blanc's versatility makes it a fantastic partner for a wide range of dishes. Here are some perfect food pairings to elevate your next meal:

  • Seafood: The wine's bright acidity and citrus notes cut through the richness of fish and shellfish. Enjoy La Combe Blanc with grilled prawns, baked cod, or a flavoursome seafood paella.
  • Salads: The refreshing character of the wine complements the crispness of salads beautifully. Pair it with a classic Caesar salad, a Niçoise salad with tuna and olives, or a vibrant Thai salad with zesty dressing.
  • Light Lunches: La Combe Blanc is a wonderful choice for lighter lunches. Enjoy it with quiches, goat cheese salads, or a platter of cured meats and cheeses.
  • Spicy Food: The wine's acidity helps tame the heat of spicy dishes. Try it with Thai curries, Indian curries, or Mexican fajitas.
  • Vegetarian Dishes: La Combe Blanc pairs well with a variety of vegetarian dishes. Enjoy it with creamy pasta dishes, vegetable stir-fries, or a goat cheese tart.

Overall Impression:

La Combe Blanc Pays d'Oc is a delightful white wine that offers a burst of sunshine in every glass. Its refreshing acidity, vibrant citrus flavours, and clean finish make it perfect for all occasions. With its versatility in food pairing and its attractive price point, La Combe Blanc is sure to become a new favourite for those seeking a delicious and easy-drinking white wine.

Looking for a refreshing and food-friendly white wine? Look no further than La Combe Blanc Pays d'Oc. Order yours today from The General Wine Company and experience a taste of southern France!


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