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Jordan Estate Mellifera Noble Late Harvest Riesling Half Bottle

Jordan Estate Mellifera Noble Late Harvest Riesling Half Bottle

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Jordan Estate Mellifera Noble Late Harvest Riesling: South African Sweetness with Exemplary Balance


South Africa's Stellenbosch region is renowned for its stellar wines, and the Jordan Estate Mellifera Noble Late Harvest Riesling is a testament to this reputation. This exquisite half-bottle dessert wine showcases the potential of meticulously crafted sweet wines and offers a tantalising experience for those who enjoy a touch of decadence. Let's explore its flavour profile and ideal food pairings.

Tasting Notes

  • Appearance: The Mellifera boasts a vibrant golden yellow hue that hints at its rich sweetness.
  • Nose: A burst of candied apricots and ripe peaches greets you, interlaced with delicate honey and subtle floral notes. Hints of orange marmalade and a touch of spice add layers of complexity.
  • Palate: The initial sweetness is undeniable, with luscious flavours of honeyed apricots, ripe peaches, and hints of tropical fruit. A delightful acidity balances the sweetness, preventing it from being cloying and adding a refreshing lift to the palate. The finish is long and lingering, leaving you with a sense of warmth and satisfaction.

Food Pairing Suggestions

The Jordan Estate Mellifera Noble Late Harvest Riesling is a versatile dessert wine that complements an array of dishes:

  • Classic Pairings: Blue cheese like Stilton or Roquefort is a delightful contrast to the wine's sweetness.
  • Fruit-Based Desserts: Enjoy alongside a peach and apricot crumble, a tarte tatin, or poached pears for a decadent treat.
  • Rich & Creamy: Crème brûlée, panna cotta, or a decadent cheesecake are perfect with this wine.
  • Spiced Exploration: For a unique twist, try pairing it with Indian desserts featuring warm spices like ginger and cinnamon.

About the Wine

The name "Mellifera" stems from the Latin for the European honey bee. This reflects the use of carefully selected Riesling grapes touched by botrytis (noble rot). Botrytis concentrates the sugars and flavours, resulting in the hallmark sweetness and richness.


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