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Henschke Hill of Grace

Henschke Hill of Grace

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A Profound Exploration: Tasting Notes for the Henschke Hill of Grace Shiraz

The Henschke Hill of Grace Shiraz is a cornerstone of Australian fine wine. Produced from a single vineyard in the Eden Valley, South Australia, it consistently ranks amongst the world's most prestigious Shiraz expressions.  This tasting note delves into the multifaceted character of this iconic wine.


The Hill of Grace boasts a deep ruby colour, often with tinges of crimson or purple depending on the vintage. Young wines display a vibrant intensity, while mature vintages offer a more nuanced complexity. Observing the colour's evolution over time provides a fascinating insight into the wine's ageing potential.

Aromatic Profile:

The aromatic tapestry of the Hill of Grace is a captivating interplay of primary fruit, secondary nuances, and subtle tertiary notes.

  • Primary Fruit: Dark fruits such as blackberry, mulberry, and plum form the core, often accompanied by hints of blueberry and cassis. These aromas are a testament to the quality of the fruit and the winemaking techniques that preserve its freshness.
  • Secondary Nuances:  Spices like star anise, clove, and black pepper add an exotic dimension. Floral notes of violets or lavender can emerge, particularly in cooler vintages.  Hints of earth, tobacco, and leather can also develop, reflecting the influence of the terroir and oak ageing.
  • Tertiary Notes:  With extended bottle ageing, the Hill of Grace evolves further.  Ethereal notes of truffles, forest floor, and sandalwood emerge, adding depth and intrigue to the bouquet.


The palate of the Hill of Grace is nothing short of majestic. The wine possesses a full-bodied structure, yet it maintains a remarkable sense of elegance and balance.

  • Fruit Concentration:  Ripe, dark fruits dominate the initial impression, delivering a burst of juicy sweetness balanced by a core of vibrant acidity.
  • Tannins:  The tannins are a hallmark of the Hill of Grace.  Fine-grained and beautifully integrated, they provide structure and a sense of grip without overwhelming the palate. As the wine ages, the tannins soften and become increasingly velvety.
  • Acidity:  Lively acidity plays a crucial role, giving the wine freshness and lift. It cuts through the richness of the fruit and tannins, ensuring a long and lingering finish.

Overall Impression:

The Henschke Hill of Grace Shiraz is a wine of profound depth and complexity. It is a captivating journey through layers of aroma and flavour, showcasing the exceptional quality of the Eden Valley fruit and the meticulous winemaking techniques employed.  This is a wine that transcends mere enjoyment; it is a profound exploration of terroir, viticulture, and the art of winemaking.

Food Pairing:

The Hill of Grace pairs beautifully with a variety of dishes.  Consider rich red meat such as grilled Wagyu beef, slow-braised lamb shanks, or venison stew.  It also complements hearty vegetarian options like roasted portobello mushrooms or lentil ragù.  For a luxurious pairing, try it with creamy blue cheese or aged Gouda.

Ageing Potential:

The Hill of Grace is renowned for its ageing potential.  The combination of concentrated fruit, fine tannins, and vibrant acidity allows the wine to evolve gracefully over decades. Young vintages offer an exciting glimpse into the wine's potential, while mature wines showcase the full spectrum of complexity it can achieve.


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