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Gonzalez Byass Vina AB Amontillado

Gonzalez Byass Vina AB Amontillado

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Unveiling Gonzalez Byass Vina AB Amontillado: A Journey for the Senses

The General Wine proudly presents a detailed exploration of Gonzalez Byass Vina AB Amontillado, a captivating Sherry from the renowned house of Gonzalez Byass. This exceptional Amontillado offers a unique experience, boasting characteristics of both Fino and Oloroso Sherries.

A Legacy of Craftsmanship:

Hailing from the historic Jerez region in Spain, Vina AB Amontillado is a testament to generations of expertise at Gonzalez Byass. Crafted from the finest Palomino grapes, the wine embarks on a fascinating ageing journey. Initially, it spends its formative years under a veil of flor yeast, mirroring the development of a Fino Sherry. This imparts delicate, yeasty notes and a pale colour. Subsequently, the flor dies off, exposing the wine to oxygen for further ageing. This oxidative process, reminiscent of Oloroso Sherries, deepens the colour and imbues the Amontillado with richer, nutty complexities.

Unveiling the Sensory Profile:

Visual: The first encounter with Vina AB Amontillado is a delight for the eyes. Expect a beautiful light amber hue, hinting at the wine's time spent in contact with air.

Aroma: On the nose, a symphony of aromas unfolds. Delicate hints of hazelnut and almond, signature characteristics of Palomino grapes, take centre stage. Subtle notes of yeast linger from the initial flor ageing, adding a touch of complexity. As the wine opens up, whispers of oak emerge, a gentle reminder of its time spent maturing in casks.

Palate: The first sip of Vina AB Amontillado is a revelation. A wave of dryness washes over the palate, balanced by a refreshing acidity. The nutty notes from the nose translate beautifully, offering a smooth and elegant experience. Hints of oak and a touch of vanilla add further layers of intrigue. The finish is long and lingering, with a pleasant salinity and a subtle bitterness that lingers on the tongue.

A Culinary Canvas:

Vina AB Amontillado's versatility makes it a perfect partner for a diverse range of dishes. Here are some suggested pairings to elevate your culinary experience:

  • Appetisers:  Embrace the nutty character of the wine with creamy cheeses like Manchego or a rich Comté. Alternatively, pair it with tapas like cured Iberico ham or grilled prawns.
  • Main Courses: The dry profile of Vina AB Amontillado complements a variety of main courses. Roasted chicken or turkey with savoury herbs finds a perfect match in this Sherry. For a richer pairing, try it with duck breast or pan-seared scallops.
  • Vegetarian Delights: Don't shy away from pairing Vina AB Amontillado with vegetarian dishes. Rich mushroom risotto or roasted vegetables with a touch of balsamic glaze create a harmonious union.

Beyond the Bottle:

Vina AB Amontillado is more than just a drink; it's an experience. Its unique ageing process and captivating flavour profile make it a perfect choice for wine enthusiasts and curious palates alike.

Serving Recommendations:

To fully appreciate the intricacies of Vina AB Amontillado, serve it slightly chilled, between 8-12°C. Use a small white wine glass to concentrate the aromas and savour every sip.

At The General Wine, we invite you to embark on a sensory journey with Gonzalez Byass Vina AB Amontillado.  Visit our website or store to discover this exceptional Sherry and explore a world of flavour.


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