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Fee Brothers Lime Bitters 15cl

Fee Brothers Lime Bitters 15cl

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Elevate Your Cocktails with Fee Brothers Lime Bitters (15cl): A Detailed Tasting Guide

The General Wine Company is proud to offer Fee Brothers Lime Bitters in a convenient 15cl size. This concentrated, bar essential adds a touch of zesty lime character to countless cocktails, elevating them from good to great. But Fee Brothers Lime Bitters is more than just a one-trick pony. Let's delve deeper into its flavour profile, explore serving suggestions, and discover how this little bottle can unlock a world of cocktail creativity.

Aromatic Profile:

Unscrew the cap of a bottle of Fee Brothers Lime Bitters, and you're greeted by an invigorating burst of fresh lime. The aroma is clean, citrusy, and slightly tart, reminiscent of freshly squeezed limes with a hint of herbal depth. Beyond the initial lime blast, there's a subtle earthiness and a touch of peppery spice, hinting at the complex botanical blend used in its creation.

On the Palate:

The flavour of Fee Brothers Lime Bitters mirrors the nose. It delivers a burst of zesty lime with a pleasant sourness that lingers on the tongue. The bitterness is gentle, balancing the citrus notes beautifully. Unlike fresh lime juice, which can be overpowering or have inconsistent flavour, Fee Brothers Lime Bitters offers a concentrated and consistent punch of lime character. The subtle botanical notes, barely perceptible on the nose, become more apparent on the palate, adding a touch of complexity and intrigue.

Serving Suggestions:

The beauty of Fee Brothers Lime Bitters lies in its versatility. Here are just a few ways to incorporate it into your cocktail repertoire:

  • Classic Cocktails: Breathe new life into timeless drinks like the Daiquiri, Mojito, or Margarita. A few dashes of Fee Brothers Lime Bitters enhances the lime character without overpowering the other ingredients.
  • Sours:  Fee Brothers Lime Bitters is a natural fit for any sour cocktail. Try it in a Whiskey Sour, enhancing the citrus notes and balancing the whiskey's sweetness.  For a gin-based sour, a dash of Fee Brothers Lime Bitters complements the botanicals in gin beautifully.
  • Long Drinks: Elevate your summer coolers with a touch of Fee Brothers Lime Bitters.  Add it to a Gin & Tonic, Vodka Soda with lime, or a Paloma for an extra layer of citrusy complexity.
  • Mocktails:  Even non-alcoholic drinks can benefit from the zesty lift of Fee Brothers Lime Bitters.  Create a refreshing mocktail by combining sparkling water, muddled fruit (like strawberries or cucumber), and a dash of Fee Brothers Lime Bitters.

Beyond the Basics:

While Fee Brothers Lime Bitters shines in classic cocktails, don't be afraid to experiment. Here are some creative ideas:

  • Fruity Martinis: Add a dash of Fee Brothers Lime Bitters to a fruit martini like a raspberry or passionfruit martini to create a more complex flavour profile.
  • Spicy Cocktails: Balance the heat of ginger or chilli in a cocktail with a dash of Fee Brothers Lime Bitters. The bright lime character cuts through the spice, creating a more well-rounded drink.
  • Smoky Cocktails:  Fee Brothers Lime Bitters can help tame the smokiness of mezcal or peated whisky in cocktails. The citrus notes offer a refreshing counterpoint to the smoky flavour.

Tips for Using Fee Brothers Lime Bitters:

  • Start with a dash:  A little goes a long way. Begin with a single dash and adjust to taste.
  • Freshness matters:  Like any opened bottle, Fee Brothers Lime Bitters will lose potency over time.  Store it in a cool, dark place for optimal shelf life.
  • Experiment!  Don't be afraid to try Fee Brothers Lime Bitters in new and unexpected cocktails.  The possibilities are endless.


Fee Brothers Lime Bitters (15cl) is a must-have for any home bar. This concentrated burst of lime character elevates classic cocktails, adds complexity to new creations, and is perfect for creating refreshing mocktails. With its convenient size and endless versatility, Fee Brothers Lime Bitters is sure to become your go-to ingredient for crafting unforgettable drinks.

The General Wine Company offers a wide selection of spirits, liqueurs, and bar essentials, including Fee Brothers Lime Bitters.  Browse our selection online or visit our store to find everything you need to create exceptional cocktails at home.


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