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Château Cantenac Brown Brio de Cantenac Brown Margaux 2016

Château Cantenac Brown Brio de Cantenac Brown Margaux 2016

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Château Cantenac Brown Brio de Cantenac Brown Margaux 2016: Tasting Notes and Food Pairings

The Chateau Cantenac Brown Brio de Cantenac Brown Margaux 2016 is the second wine of the illustrious Chateau Cantenac Brown estate, situated within the famed Margaux appellation of Bordeaux.  Second wines, though often produced from younger vines or declassified lots from the grand vin (first wine), offer excellent value and a chance to experience the qualities of a renowned estate at a more accessible price point.

Tasting the 2016 Brio de Cantenac Brown

On the nose, the 2016 Brio de Cantenac Brown opens with aromas of ripe blackcurrant, cassis, and plum, mingling with hints of cedar, violets, and graphite.  As the wine breathes, secondary notes of tobacco, leather, and earth emerge, adding complexity.

The palate is medium-bodied with a core of juicy dark fruits, supported by fine-grained tannins that provide a pleasant structure.  Fresh acidity cuts through the richness, keeping the wine balanced and lively.  Flavours of black cherry, plum, and earth persist on the finish, with lingering hints of spice and cocoa.

Key characteristics:

  • Colour: Deep ruby red
  • Aroma: Blackcurrant, cassis, plum, cedar, violets, graphite, tobacco, leather, earth
  • Palate: Medium-bodied, juicy dark fruits, fine-grained tannins, fresh acidity, black cherry, plum, earth, spice, cocoa
  • Style: Elegant, refined, well-balanced

Food Pairing Recommendations

The elegant character and medium body of the 2016 Brio de Cantenac Brown make it a versatile wine for food pairing. Here are some suggested dishes to bring out the best in this Margaux second wine:

Red Meat:

  • Roast lamb: The gaminess of roast lamb pairs well with the earthy and black pepper notes in the wine. For an extra flavour dimension, consider a rosemary and garlic infused marinade.
  • Grilled steak: A well-seasoned grilled ribeye or New York strip steak is a classic pairing for Bordeaux wines. The tannins in the wine will help to cut through the fat of the steak, while the fruit flavours complement the savoury meat.
  • Beef bourguignon: This rich and hearty French stew is another excellent match for the Brio de Cantenac Brown. The slow-cooked beef and earthy vegetables find harmony with the wine's deep fruit and savoury character.


  • Roast chicken with root vegetables: A simple roast chicken with roasted root vegetables like carrots, parsnips, and potatoes is a delightful pairing. The wine's acidity cuts through the richness of the chicken, while the fruit flavours complement the sweetness of the roasted vegetables.
  • Duck breast with cherry sauce: Duck breast with a sweet and tart cherry sauce creates a wonderful contrast with the Brio de Cantenac Brown. The fruit flavours in the wine echo the sauce, while the earthiness complements the duck.

Vegetarian Options:

  • Portobello mushroom burgers: Portobello mushroom burgers offer a meaty alternative that pairs well with the wine. Stuffed with roasted vegetables, herbs, and cheese, these burgers provide a satisfying and flavourful option.
  • Lentil stew: A hearty lentil stew with a touch of red wine vinegar is another great vegetarian pairing. The earthy flavours of the lentils are a good match for the wine's character.


  • Mature cheddar: A mature cheddar cheese with a sharp bite complements the tannins and fruit flavours in the Brio de Cantenac Brown.
  • Gruyere: The nutty character of Gruyere cheese pairs well with the earthiness of the wine.


The Chateau Cantenac Brown Brio de Cantenac Brown Margaux 2016 is a well-crafted second wine that offers a glimpse into the quality of the renowned Chateau Cantenac Brown estate.  With its elegant character, medium body, and balanced profile, this Margaux is a versatile food pairing wine that will grace your table and please your palate.  So next time you're looking for a delicious and food-friendly Bordeaux, consider the 2016 Brio de Cantenac Brown - a great value for the price.


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