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Boschendal Nicolas Red

Boschendal Nicolas Red

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Unleash Bold Character: A Deep Dive into Boschendal Nicolas Red

Uncork a symphony of flavour with Boschendal Nicolas Red, a South African masterpiece from the Stellenbosch region. This exceptional blend showcases the artistry of Boschendal's winemaking team, marrying the power of Shiraz with the elegance of Bordeaux varietals for a truly captivating experience. Let's delve into the tasting profile and explore the perfect food pairings to elevate your enjoyment.

Boschendal Nicolas Red: A Tasting Journey

  • Appearance: Deep ruby red, hinting at the wine's richness and intensity.
  • Aroma: A captivating bouquet bursts forth, offering a delightful interplay of ripe blackcurrant and blackberry. Subtle notes of cedar, tobacco leaf, and a hint of bell pepper add complexity.
  • Palate: The initial aromas translate seamlessly onto the palate. Concentrated flavours of dark fruits take centre stage, beautifully complemented by hints of spice like black pepper and vanilla. Structured tannins provide a firm backbone, while balanced acidity keeps the wine vibrant and fresh. The finish is long and satisfying, lingering with notes of fruit and spice.

Key Characteristics:

  • Grape Varietals: A masterful blend comprising Shiraz (41%), Merlot (30%), Cabernet Sauvignon (15%), Petit Verdot (11%), and Malbec (3%). Each grape contributes unique characteristics, creating a harmonious and complex whole.
  • Region: Stellenbosch, South Africa. This renowned wine region boasts ideal climatic conditions for ripening grapes, leading to wines with exceptional depth and flavour.
  • Style: Bold and full-bodied, yet surprisingly elegant thanks to the inclusion of classic Bordeaux grapes.

Food Pairings to Complement Boschendal Nicolas Red

Boschendal Nicolas Red's bold character and structured tannins make it a perfect companion for flavourful dishes. Here are some suggestions to tantalise your taste buds:

  • Hearty Red Meats: This wine stands up confidently to grilled steaks, charred lamb chops, or venison with a rich berry sauce. The tannins help cut through the richness of the meat, creating a satisfying balance.
  • Slow-cooked Delights: Boschendal Nicolas Red enhances slow-cooked stews like a classic beef bourguignon. The wine's complex flavours complement the savoury notes of the dish.
  • Bold Cheeses: Pair this wine with aged cheddar, Manchego, or a smoky Gouda for a delightful combination. The contrasting textures and complementary flavours create a truly memorable experience.
  • Mediterranean Flavours: Roasted vegetables with herbs like rosemary and thyme, grilled eggplant, or a hearty moussaka find a perfect match in Boschendal Nicolas Red. The wine's structure complements the diverse flavours of these dishes.

Beyond the Bottle: The Story of Boschendal

Founded in 1685, Boschendal is a historic South African winery steeped in tradition and innovation. Committed to sustainable practices and meticulous winemaking techniques, Boschendal consistently produces wines that reflect the unique terroir of Stellenbosch.


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