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Bombay Sapphire Star of Bombay

Bombay Sapphire Star of Bombay

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Unveiling the Star: A Deep Dive into Bombay Sapphire Star of Bombay Gin

The world of gin boasts a dazzling array of styles, and Bombay Sapphire has long been a cherished name for its smooth, contemporary take on the spirit. Yet, for those seeking an even more vibrant expression, Bombay Sapphire Star of Bombay emerges as a radiant gem. This super-premium gin takes the familiar essence of Bombay Sapphire and elevates it with a potent flavour profile, perfect for discerning drinkers and innovative cocktails.

Aromatic Brilliance: The Star's Olfactory Constellation

The first encounter with Star of Bombay is a captivating exploration of aromas. Juniper, the gin's defining characteristic, takes centre stage, but with a more pronounced intensity compared to its predecessor. This is quickly followed by a wave of citrus, dominated by bright lemon zest and a touch of zesty orange peel. Coriander, a mainstay in Bombay Sapphire, adds a distinctive herbal note, while hints of earthy angelica root lend a touch of complexity.

However, the true brilliance of Star of Bombay lies in its subtle nuances. A whisper of floral fragrance, perhaps lavender or chamomile, peeks through, adding a touch of elegance. As the gin opens up, a hint of peppery spice emerges, likely from the inclusion of grains of paradise, a botanical not present in the original Bombay Sapphire. This interplay of classic gin botanicals with exotic touches creates a truly captivating aromatic experience.

Tasting the Star: A Journey Through Flavour

The palate of Star of Bombay is a bold and captivating adventure. The initial sip delivers a powerful burst of juniper, more pronounced than in Bombay Sapphire. This is quickly softened by the citrus notes, with lemon and orange zest washing over the tongue. The inclusion of bergamot, a citrus fruit with a unique floral and slightly bitter character, adds a fascinating layer of complexity.

Coriander asserts its presence with a touch of peppery warmth, while the earthy depth of angelica root provides a grounding counterpoint. The peppery spice from the grains of paradise dances on the tongue, adding a touch of intrigue. As the gin lingers, a subtle sweetness emerges, likely from orris root, a time-honoured botanical prized for its smooth, earthy character. The finish is long and warming, with the juniper and citrus notes leaving a lasting impression.

Star Power: Crafting Cocktails Worthy of the Name

While Star of Bombay's boldness makes it an intriguing sipping gin, it truly shines in cocktails. Its robust flavour profile stands up well to mixers and other ingredients, allowing for innovative and exciting creations. Here are a few suggestions to unlock the full potential of this exceptional gin:

  • The Starry Martini: A twist on the classic, this martini uses Star of Bombay's intense flavour to create a more complex experience. Combine 2 oz Star of Bombay gin with ½ oz dry vermouth and a few dashes of orange bitters. Stir well with ice and strain into a chilled martini glass. Garnish with a lemon twist.
  • The Bombay Bramble: This refreshing cocktail combines Star of Bombay's citrus notes with the sweetness of blackberries. Muddle a handful of fresh blackberries with a bar spoon of simple syrup in a shaker. Add 2 oz Star of Bombay gin, ¾ oz fresh lemon juice, and a handful of ice. Shake well and double strain into a rocks glass filled with crushed ice. Garnish with a fresh blackberry and a sprig of mint.
  • The Starry Night Sky: This vibrant cocktail brings together the peppery notes of Star of Bombay with the sweet and sour flavours of grapefruit. Combine 2 oz Star of Bombay gin, ¾ oz grapefruit juice, ¾ oz fresh lime juice, ½ oz simple syrup, and a dash of Angostura bitters in a shaker with ice. Shake well and double strain into a coupe glass. Garnish with a grapefruit twist.

Beyond the Sip: The Star of Your Collection

Bombay Sapphire Star of Bombay is a gin for those who appreciate a bolder flavour profile. Its intense juniper character, citrus zest, and subtle floral and spicy notes make it a versatile spirit, perfect for crafting innovative cocktails or enjoying neat. With its captivating aroma and robust flavour, Star of Bombay is a true star in the world of gin, and a worthy addition to any discerning drinker's collection.

So, why not explore the brilliance of Star of Bombay for yourself? Visit The General Wine Co. today and discover a gin that will take your taste buds on a dazzling journey.


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