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ABA Pisco 50cl

ABA Pisco 50cl

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Pisco ABA 50cl: A Journey Through the Elqui Valley in Every Sip


Embark on a sensory adventure with Pisco ABA 50cl, a Chilean spirit crafted in the heart of the Elqui Valley. Nestled amidst the majestic Andes Mountains, this boutique pisco promises a taste of pure indulgence. Distilled by the Aguirre family using time-honoured traditions, Pisco ABA boasts a unique character, perfect for sipping neat, crafting classic cocktails, or adding a touch of Chilean flair to your favourite creations.

Grape to Glass: The Pisco ABA Production Story

Pisco ABA's magic begins with meticulously selected Muscat grapes, grown in the fertile oasis of the Elqui Valley. Known for its ideal climate and sun-drenched vineyards, this region imparts a distinctive sweetness and aroma to the grapes. The Aguirre family then vinifies the grapes, transforming them into a base wine before the double distillation process. This meticulous approach, utilising small copper pot stills, ensures the final spirit captures the essence of the Muscat grape and the Elqui Valley terroir.

Tasting Pisco ABA: A Symphony of Flavours

On the Nose:

The first encounter with Pisco ABA is an aromatic delight. Delicate floral notes of jasmine and fresh flowers mingle with the unmistakable fragrance of Muscat grapes. Hints of citrus, like tangerine peel, add a touch of vibrancy, while subtle whispers of gentian, a botanical known for its slightly bitter yet intriguing aroma, pique the senses.

On the Palate:

The initial sip of Pisco ABA unveils a smooth and luxurious texture. Delicate flavours of spiced vanilla cream wash over the palate, complemented by hints of rubbed rose petals and cedarwood. The influence of the Muscat grape shines through with a touch of sweetness, beautifully balanced by a subtle tannic grip from the grape skins.

The Finish:

The elegant journey of Pisco ABA concludes with a lingering and satisfying finish. The tangy notes of citrus zest dance on the tongue, leaving a refreshing sensation that invites another sip.

Serving Suggestions:

Pisco ABA's versatility allows you to enjoy it in a multitude of ways.

  • Neat: Savour the pure essence of Pisco ABA by serving it chilled in a coupe glass. This is the perfect way to appreciate the intricate layers of flavour and aroma.
  • Pisco Sour: Experience a taste of Chilean tradition with a classic Pisco Sour. Combine Pisco ABA with fresh lime juice, simple syrup, egg white (optional), and Angostura bitters for a refreshingly tart and balanced cocktail.
  • Capitana: For a fruity twist, mix Pisco ABA with pineapple juice, lime juice, and sugar for a vibrant and tropical Capitana cocktail.
  • Sparkling Creations: Pisco ABA pairs beautifully with sparkling wines. Combine it with Prosecco, ginger ale, or your favourite sparkling water for a light and refreshing highball.

Food Pairings:

  • Cheese: Pisco ABA's floral and citrus notes complement a variety of cheeses. Try it with creamy goat cheese, a sharp cheddar, or a blue cheese for an interesting contrast.
  • Desserts: The sweetness and floral notes of Pisco ABA make it a perfect pairing for fruit-based desserts, such as a tarte tatin or a crème brûlée.
  • Spicy Dishes: Pisco ABA's subtle spice character cuts through the heat of spicy dishes. Enjoy it alongside Thai curries, Mexican tacos, or Peruvian ceviche.

Beyond the Bottle: The Story of Pisco ABA

Pisco ABA isn't just a spirit; it's a testament to Chilean tradition and craftsmanship. The Aguirre family's dedication to quality shines through in every bottle.  Their commitment to sustainable practices ensures a spirit that respects both the environment and the legacy of pisco production.

In Conclusion:

Pisco ABA 50cl is more than just a delicious spirit; it's an invitation to explore the flavours of the Elqui Valley. With its aromatic complexity, smooth texture, and versatility, Pisco ABA offers a unique and rewarding drinking experience. So, raise a glass, savour the taste of Chile, and embark on your own sensory adventure with Pisco ABA.


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