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Viña von Siebenthal Carabantes

Viña von Siebenthal Carabantes

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Tasting Notes: Viña von Siebenthal Carabantes –  A Chilean Syrah with Bold Character


Hailing from Chile's prestigious Aconcagua Valley, Viña von Siebenthal Carabantes is a luxurious red wine that celebrates both Chilean heritage and modern winemaking prowess. This primarily Syrah-based blend, with a touch of Cabernet Sauvignon, pays homage to Francisco de Carabantes, the Spanish priest who introduced the first vines to Chile. The wine's bold profile and layers of complexity make it a thrilling discovery for both seasoned wine enthusiasts and those interested in exploring the exciting world of Chilean wines.

Appearance and Aroma

Viña von Siebenthal Carabantes greets the eye with a deep, almost opaque ruby hue. Swirling the wine reveals its viscosity and hints at the concentration to come. The nose bursts with an intoxicating mix of ripe dark fruits, think blackberries and blueberries, mingled with savoury notes of black pepper, liquorice, and a touch of aromatic herbs. As the wine opens up, subtle hints of dark chocolate, tobacco, and cedar add further intrigue.

Palate and Structure

On the palate, Viña von Siebenthal Carabantes is full-bodied and powerful, yet surprisingly elegant. Ripe, velvety tannins provide a robust structure, beautifully framing the concentrated dark fruit flavours. The mid-palate reveals hints of spice, earthiness, and a touch of minerality that adds refreshing complexity. The finish is long and satisfying, with lingering notes of dark berries, spice, and a subtle smokiness.

Food Pairings

Viña von Siebenthal Carabantes is the perfect match for hearty, flavourful dishes:

  • Rich Meats: This wine shines alongside roasted lamb with rosemary and garlic, grilled venison with a blackberry reduction, or a slow-cooked beef brisket.
  • Spicy Cuisine: Its bold spice notes make it a wonderful companion to dishes featuring Moroccan-inspired flavours, such as lamb tagines with dried fruits and warming spices.
  • Aged Cheeses: The wine's structure stands up beautifully to mature cheddar, gouda, or a well-aged Parmesan.


In Conclusion

Viña von Siebenthal Carabantes is a remarkable Chilean red wine that offers both power and finesse. Its complex layers of flavour, along with its excellent food pairing potential, make it a must-try for anyone who enjoys expressive, full-bodied reds. Whether you're hosting a special dinner or simply indulging in a luxurious glass on its own, this wine is guaranteed to impress.

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