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Lenotti Capomastro IGT

Lenotti Capomastro IGT

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Lenotti Capomastro IGT: A Celebration of Resilience in a Glass 

The Lenotti Capomastro IGT is a captivating red wine produced in the Veneto region of Italy, by Cantine Lenotti. This intriguing bottle boasts a unique story and a flavour profile that reflects the dedication and perseverance of the winery's team.

A Testament to Tenacity

The name "Capomastro" translates to "foreman" in Italian, and it serves as a tribute to Gianni, a vineyard foreman at Lenotti for over 30 years. A hailstorm wreaked havoc on the winery's young vines, and Giancarlo Massimo Lenotti, the owner and winemaker, considered replanting. However, Gianni saw potential in the damaged vines and convinced Giancarlo to give them a chance. After four years of meticulous care and hard work, the vines not only recovered but thrived, developing unique characteristics. These resilient grapes yielded a remarkable harvest, inspiring the creation of the Capomastro IGT.

A Blend Built for Harmony

This Italian red is a masterful blend, featuring Corvina and Rondinella grapes in equal measure (50% each). Corvina, the soul of Valpolicella wines, brings a core of dark fruit and a touch of spice, while Rondinella adds freshness and well-rounded tannins. The grapes are meticulously hand-harvested and undergo a fermentation process using indigenous yeasts. This technique allows the grapes' inherent qualities to shine through, resulting in a wine that is both authentic and expressive.

A Journey Through the Senses

On the nose, the Lenotti Capomastro IGT unfolds with an inviting bouquet of ripe black fruit. Think juicy plums, dark cherries, and a hint of blackberry. Subtle notes of black pepper and earth add complexity, hinting at the wine's depth. The first sip delivers a full-bodied and robust mouthfeel, mirroring the aromas detected on the nose. The concentrated dark fruit flavours explode on the palate, offering a delightful interplay of sweetness and acidity. This richness is balanced by smooth, well-integrated tannins, creating a harmonious and satisfying drinking experience.

As the wine lingers on the finish, intriguing nuances emerge. Hints of black pepper add a touch of warmth, while a whisper of liquorice adds a touch of intrigue. The subtle influence of oak ageing peeks through, offering suggestions of vanilla and toasted notes that seamlessly complement the overall flavour profile.

Food Pairings to Elevate the Experience

The Lenotti Capomastro IGT's bold character makes it a versatile food pairing companion. Here are some suggestions to elevate your dining experience:

  • Rich Meat Dishes: This wine stands up beautifully to robust protein sources. Grilled lamb chops, roasted duck, or hearty stews with braised beef will find a perfect match in the Capomastro's full body and prominent fruit notes.
  • Pasta Delights: Pair the Capomastro with pasta dishes featuring meat ragùs, slow-cooked tomato sauces, or rich mushroom ragu. The wine's acidity will cut through the richness of the sauces, creating a delightful balance.
  • Pizza Perfection: Enjoy a slice of pizza topped with cured meats, sausage, or roasted vegetables alongside the Capomastro. The wine's bold fruit character complements the savoury flavours on the pizza, making for a truly satisfying combination.
  • Hard Cheeses: Aged cheeses like Pecorino Romano or a mature Gouda pair exceptionally well with the Capomastro. The cheese's sharpness cuts through the wine's richness, creating a delightful textural contrast.

Serving Recommendations

To fully appreciate the complexities of the Lenotti Capomastro IGT, serve it slightly chilled, ideally between 16-18°C. Decanting the wine for 30 minutes before serving can further enhance its aromatic profile and soften the tannins.

A Wine Steeped in Passion

The Lenotti Capomastro IGT is more than just a delicious red wine; it's a story of dedication, resilience, and the transformative power of nature. With every sip, you'll experience the culmination of Gianni's foresight, the meticulous care of the vineyard team, and the expertise of the Lenotti winemaking family. So, raise a glass to perseverance, savour the unique flavours, and discover the captivating world of Italian wine within this remarkable bottle.


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