English Sparkling Wine Tasting!

English Sparkling Wine Tasting!

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To celebrate the Queen's momentous Platinum Jubilee (or 'Platty Joobs' as it is more commonly known!?) we are tasting English wines all weekend!

Danebury Vineyard - 

Thursday 2nd June we will be tasting Danebury wines, their Cossack, a sparkling blend, and their two single grape still wines - Schonberger, a silky blend of ripe figs and tropical fruits and Madeline Angevine, with delicate flavours of citrus, melon and pear.

This stunning vineyard, set on     7 acres of chalk and flint soil in the heart of Hampshire.  It was once a race horse stable and practise run.  Danebury have focused on quality, not quantity maximising flavour created by harnessing the long hours of sunshine available on their wide, south facing slopes.

Upperton Vineyard - 

On Friday 3rd we are focusing on the 2 of the stunning sparkling wines from Upperton Vineyard.  Sheltered in the darkest depths on West Sussex they specialise in the three main champagne grapes - Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier.


All grown in greensand soil and not chalk as you would probably expect around this area.  Pop in and join us for a wee tipple of these 2 beauties!

Ashling Park - 

Finally on Saturday 4th June we will be tasting Ashling Park Sparkling wines.  Grown in the same county as Upperton grapes, but in chalk soil and not greensand, these are really are exceptional wines.

Focusing again on the main champagne grapes, Ashling Park have won many awards for their sparkling wines which will easily rival many French champagnes.

Happy Jubilee Weekend!

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