Easter Wine!

Easter Wine!

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This Easter we've picked out some wonderful wines for you to enjoy as part of your Easter celebrations.

If you are thinking of going traditional this year and whipping up a a stunning lamb dish then you actually have a great variety of red wines to pick from. 

Lamb is a very versatile meat and it will depend on the cut of lamb and the way you have chosen to cook it that will help you whittle down to the perfect pairing.  Click on our links below to lead you to a stunning selection for each style of lamb.

Pink & Delicate

If you like your lamb pink, maybe a juicy cutlet or a rump served with a spring salad and a drizzle of chimichurri sauce then the trick is to keep your wine light so as to not drown the delicate flavours - something like a cool climate Pinot Noir possibly from New Zealand or Oregon, light Italian wines including blends or a Chianti Classico are perfect or a Gamay or Burgundy Pinot Noir balance the delicate flavours of the lamb.  If you're not a red wine drinker then a crisp Rose wouldn't be out of place here either.

 Roast Lamb (Medium to Well Done)

Focus on fruit driven wines to match this style of cooking and you have quite a selection that would complement roast lamb

One of the most perfect matches is Cabernet Sauvignon - try a slightly lighter style Bordeaux such as many second wines or, a Bordeaux Blend could a good way to mark your Easter feast!  Rioja with all its fruits of the forest flavours or, a cool climate Merlot, soft and fruity. Chianti is still a great choice or a Northern Rhone Syrah with all its red fruit and hints of peppery spice.

Slow Roasted Shoulder or Leg

For a delicious, juicy shoulder of lamb you need some acidity and backbone to cut through the fat.  Try an Australian Shiraz or stay closer to home, a Brunello del Montalcino would be a perfect match, Chianti still a good choice, or something from the Southern Rhone - a Chateauneuf du Pape or a Merlot perhaps, regional French wines are also a lovely addition to this style of lamb.

Easter Chocolate

If you are adding a chocolate log to your feast for pudding or, if you are just only eating chocolate this Easter (some of us do!) then you cannot go wrong with a Banyuls, chilled red dessert wine, maybe a muscat or, if sweet wine is not your thing then try a Californian Zinfandel or an Italian Primitivo (actually the same grape from different parts of the world!), a more fruity style Rose would also enhance your mouthful!



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