Salizá - Amaretto Veneziano

Amaretto Veneziano

£24.99 per bottle

A stunning amaretto. come into the shops and try some.

Saliza Amaretto is a rich, tasty liqueur from the Italian producer Bepi Tosolini. Amaretto Saliza is made by macerating almonds in grape spirit. The almonds are then removed from the maceration, and spirit is also distilled through these. The two almond spirits are then blended and bottled.

Recommended by Kevin North - Liphook Shop

the delicious liquorice from Calabria, the scented lemons from the Amalfi coast, the tasty bilberries and the sweet wild strawberries, the most aromatic Italian coffee and a firm yet embracing almond that bewitches our senses.
— Giuseppe Tosolini

Juillet - Provence Gin

Juillet Provence Gin
Infused with fresh summer fruits and Provence botanicals.

44% ABV
50cl Bottle

With Gin proving to be the drink of choice for summer, the folks of Provence thought they had better get in on the act, and what a gin they have given us.

Our friends at Bariana have created the first gin to come out of Provence & they have created one that beautifully represents its birthplace as well as reflecting this time of year.

Named for the month when all its botanicals are harvested the nose hits you with an abundance of fresh fruits. White peach, melon & apricot all mingle together with the juniper. On the palate those delicate fruits continue, before being replaced by the juniper & a punch of Aniseed. How very French. Finally a lovely blend of pepper & herb tail off into the sunset.

An extremely versatile gin, Juillet works well with different tonics. Like that aniseed, bring that flavour to the front with a light tonic, prefer the fruits, mix it with a Mediterranean tonic and revel in the peach.

A perfect gin to sip on a summers eve.


Bumbu - Craft Rum

The Original Bumbu Rum

- Barbados -

New in from Barbados. You will not have tried anything like this before. 

Bumbu is an ultra-premium rum crafted from top-quality sugarcane expertly selected from eight countries throughout the West Indies. It is made in the Caribbean island of Barbados, known as the “Rum Island”, where the spirit originated over 400 years ago. Bumbu is blended with some of the world’s purest water and aged in oak barrels to create a fine rum with a taste as complex as the brand’s rich history. On the nose, Bumbu offers complex aromas of soft caramel, Madagascar vanilla and toasted oak. The palate is medium bodied with notes of cinnamon, roasted nuts and allspice, leading up to a slightly sweet, smooth finish