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Woodstock - Little Miss Collet Moscato - 750ml


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Region:South Australia
Main Grape:Muscat
Second Grape:
Third Grape:

The original Woodstock property was named by English settlers, after their hometown of Woodstock, near Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire, England. The Townsend Family, headed by William Louis Townsend, received a Crown Lease for the property in 1905, built a home with a brick well and established the estate as a vineyard and orchard. It has been known as Woodstock ever since. In the centre of the town of Woodstock in England stands a set of medieval wooden leg stocks, which were historically used for the public punishment of townsfolk who had over-imbibed. A replica of these stocks welcomes you at the entrance of Woodstock Estate in McLaren Vale. To capture the essence of McLaren Vale, we strive for absolute quality, beginning in our old vineyards, through every phase of winemaking, to the wines before you, wherever that may be. The WOODSTOCK wine portfolio includes a range of fresh aromatic whites, opulent yet finely structured reds and finally, an eclectic selection of after-dinner wines. Scott Collett and the WOODSTOCK winemaking team created this partially fermented, effervescent Moscato style with a special family member in mind - Little Miss Sophia Collett. A lover of fashion and style, Little Miss Collett is known for her vibrancy and her breath of fresh air confident demeanour;After researching and tasting over 30 Moscatos, the vibrant Northern Italian styles inspired us with their natural acidity and full fruit richness. Blushing pink in colour with beautiful floral and musky nots on the bouquet. Lively creamy beads tie together grape sweetness and zesty acidity leaving a pleasing refreshing taste on the palate. Fruit salad, honey dew and lychees give depth of flavour and a lingering finish.

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