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Labrot & Graham Woodford Reserve Rye

Labrot & Graham Woodford Reserve Rye

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Country of Origin:  USA

Region:  Woodford, Kentucky

About:  This is not manufactured but hand crafted in small batches.  This artisanal process allows all of the five sources of Bourbon flavour to be honed to perfection.  Rye whiskey is distilled from a mash that is composed of at least 51% rye. This produces a spirit that is spicier and fruitier than bourbon and Americans often refer to it as their version of an Islay Scotch.

Tasting Notes:  Woodford Rye is a bold yet smooth balance of flavours, with distinct notes of pepper and tobacco. Lots of fruit and a slightly sweet, spicy finish – great in cocktails, in particular as a variation to the classic Manhattan

Product Specifications:

Closure:  Stopper

Alcohol %: 45.2%

Unit size:  70cl

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