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Whistling Shop - Cream Gin - 700ml

Whistling Shop

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Gin has never been so a la mode- as it is right now. Our shelves are literally a flurry of beautifully shaped gin bottles from unexpected destinations and unique styles. I urge you not to be sceptical. Just dive in and begin exploring. One I highly recommend you begin with (and currently top of my favourites) is Cream Gin. Cream Gin marks the revolutionary debut release from the team behind the Worship St. Whistling Shop Purl and Dach &;amp Sons: three of London?s most innovative and experimental cocktail bars! This gin is based on a recipe from the Gin Palaces of the Victorian Age and lavishly updated for the 21st century. The modern method uses cream as if it were a botanical rather than a straightforward infusion. It is then combined with the spirit prior to distillation. Cold temperatures ensure there is no burnt or off cream character to the finished liquid which is transparent. The cold distillation process also means the Cream Gin does not need to be kept in a fridge and promises the same shelf life as any other spirit. And the result of this is a luscious full bodied spirit and the smoothest gin I have ever tasted. A distinct interplay of botanicals abound with strong nots of dairy and vanilla all intermingled in layer upon layer of texture.

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