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Vina von Siebenthal Montelig

Vina von Siebenthal Montelig

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Country:  Chile
Region:  Aconcagua

Grape varieties:  Carmenere & Cabernet Sauvignon

About:  For over two decades, Mauro von Siebenthal, a Swiss lawyer and wine aficionado, had a dream. In 1998, with the financial support of four friends, Viña von Siebenthal finally became a reality. Viña von Siebenthal's harmonious philosophy has produced an extremely elegant wine which eloquently expresses the extraordinary characteristic of the Valle de Aconcagua terroir.

Montelìg is the fusion of "monte" which is Spanish for mountain and "lìg" which is the native pre-Inca indian language for light. The mountains and the light are the most striking and moving elements of the Chilean landscape. The velvety, refined texture of the light against the aristochratic mountains of Panquehue are evoqued beautifully by Viña von Siebenthal's premium wine Montelìg. Velvety start which denotes great concentration of aromas and a very flavoursome and complex character. The flavour is consistent, with good body, harmonious and with a large, fresh and elegant ending.

Tasting Notes:  This stunning wine has intense and persistant aromas with good complexity.  At the forefront are raspberries and cassis, then subtle hints of mint intertwined with pleasant hints of green olive, pinenut, black pepper, dark chocolate and truffle.  These aromas come together harmoniously and beautifully lending the wine great complexity and elegance.  On the palate there is a velvety start and a flavour consistent with good body leading to a fresh and elegant finish.

Product Specifications:

Closure:  Cork

Alcohol %:  14.5%

Unit size: 75cl

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