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Vina Von Siebenthal - Montelig - 750ml

Vina Von Siebenthal

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Region:Aconcagua Valley
Main Grape:Cabernet Sauvignon
Second Grape:Petit Verdot
Third Grape:Carmenere

Aroma and bouquet: Intense persistent and with good complexity. At the forefront before swirling are berries in particular raspberry and cassis. Once swirled there are subtle hints of mint and boldo interwined with pleasant hints of green olive pinenut black pepper dark chocolate and truffle. These aromas come together armoniously and beautifully lending the wine great complexity and elegance. Flavour: Velvety start which denots great concentration of aromas and a very flavoursome and complex character. The flavour is consistent with good body harmonious and with a large fresh and elegant ending.

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