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Tincup - AmeriCAN Whiskey - 700ml


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Jess Graber began distilling in 1972, just three months after moving to Nederland Colorado at the age of 22, after his neighbour left him his 10 gallon still. For 30 years it was Jesss hobby until 2004 when he started on the glorious liquid full time. TINCUP is his newest and best whiskey. His vision was to create a whiskey with a bourbon profile but with a more powerful and spicy flavour. TINCUP has a high rye mash bill, so it has great spice and pepper nots, but balanced with the sweeter nots from bourbon. It is made using Midwestern grains, aged in new white oak barrels and cut with Rocky Mountain water. The name is a nod to Colorados first whiskey drinkers - the miners that came through looking for gold and (of course) drank their whiskey out of tin cups. The cap of the bottle is designed for drinking from with friends on the road; The water flows from snowmelt from the Rocky Mountains, as pure as can be. TINCUP is made from a blend of corn, rye and malt cut with pure water; Fantastic.

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