Taylors - Single Harvest Single Harvest 1966 - 750ml

Taylors - Single Harvest Single Harvest 1966 - 750ml


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We are extremely excited to be able to offer the new release of the keenly anticipated 1966 vontage of Taylors Limited Edition - the Very Old Single Harvest Port. A hint of iodine on the initial nose, followed by a wonderous barage of raisin, liquorice, smokey hazelnuts, dried fig, rum and bourbon vanilla. The palate is a mesmerizing deluge of creme cafe tones, tobacco, cedar, lush butter cream, ripe pears and dried apricots. Then follows a blend of marzipan, orange flower, marmalade, molasses and butterscotch. Im hungry now. Single Harvest Ports are blended wines from a single year which have been aged in oaks casks. They are fully mature and ready to drink when bottled. The long period of wood ageing gives them their characteristic amber colour, smooth velvety palate, warm mellow flavours and a nose full of complex aromas. Single Harvest Ports are ready to be drunk and do not need decanting. Although known for its elegant and long lasting Vintage Ports, Taylors is also the leading producer of Aged Tawny Ports and holds one of the largest stocks of fine cask-aged wine of any Port house. Taylors has decided to make a limited release, each year, of a Single Harvest Port made 50 years previously. This 1966 is the third in the series. Looking forward to 1967!

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