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Suntory - Hakushu Distillers Reserve - 700ml


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The History Of Japanese Whisky Is The History Of Shinjiro Torii, The Founder Of Suntory; In 1923, Shinjiro Torii Envisioned A Whisky Filled With The Essence Of Japanese Nature And Hand-Crafted By Artisans Through A Patient Process Of Enhancing The Work Of Nature;He Dreamt Of Creating Subtle, Refined, Yet Complex Whisky That Would Suit The Delicate Palate Of The Japanese And Enhance Their Dining Experience; Inspired By Traditional Scottish Whisky, Torii Envisioned A Japanese Approach By Choosing A Terrain And Climate Completely Different From Those Of Scotland;Torii Chose The Region Of Yamazaki, Kyoto As The Birthplace Of Japanese Whisky;Continue Through Our Timeline To Discover The History Of Suntory. From Suntorys Mountain Forest Distillery, Nestled Deep In Mt. Kaikomagatake, Hakushu Whisky Is The Fresh And Gently Smoky Single Malt Whisky With Herbal Nots That Is The Revelation Of Japanese Single Malts. Straight From The Untouched Forests, Mountains And Pure Waters Of The Southern Japanese Alps, It Is No Wonder That Hakushu Is A "Green And Fresh" Whisky, Praised By The Most Curious Whisky Connoisseurs And Lovers Of Gastronomy. Its Crisp And Vibrant Feel, Unique In A Single Malt Whisky, Enlivens And Liberates Your Senses. This Wonderous Whisky Is Brimming With Peppermint, Melon, Cucumber, Yuzu, Grapefruit, Lemon Thyme And A Touch Of Subtle Smoke.

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