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Smirnoff - Red Label Vodka - 700ml


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Smirnoff No.21 (Red Label) Vodka Is The Canvas To Create Brilliant Drinks. Triple Distilled From A Blend Of Different Grains And Filtered Ten Times Through Seven Columns Of Environmentally Sustainable Charcoal It An Exceptionally Pure Tasting Smooth Spirit. Smirnoff No.21 Has A Clear Crisp Taste And A Cool Finish. Smirnoff No.21 Clean Taste Makes It Extremely Versatile Easy To Serve At Parties Or With Just A Few Friends. It A Perfect Base For Classic Vodka Serves Such As The Vodka Lime And Soda Or A Vodka Tonic As Well As Vodka Cocktails From The Cosmopolitan To The Moscow Mule And Of Course The Famous Vodka Martini. Smirnoff No.21 Also Plays A Great Supporting Role In Classic Cocktails Or Mixed Drinks A Back-Up To Archers Peach Schnapps In The Woo Woo Along With A Pour Of Cranberry Juice. Or It Sits Beautifully Alongside Bailey Irish Cream Liqueur And Coffee Liqueur As A White Russian.

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