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Seifried Estate Old Coach Road Unoaked Chardonnay

Seifried Estate Old Coach Road Unoaked Chardonnay

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Seifried Estate Old Coach Road Unoaked Chardonnay: Unveiling New Zealand's Unoaked Charm

Crafted in the sunshine-drenched Nelson region of New Zealand's South Island, Seifried Estate's Old Coach Road Unoaked Chardonnay offers a refreshing and vibrant expression of the Chardonnay grape. Eschewing oak ageing, this wine allows the true characteristics of the fruit to shine, resulting in a taste profile bursting with fresh, lively flavours.

Aromatic Journey: A Symphony of Sunshine

The first encounter with Seifried Estate Old Coach Road Unoaked Chardonnay is an aromatic delight. On the nose, a chorus of summer stone fruits takes centre stage. Imagine biting into a basket overflowing with ripe peaches, juicy nectarines, and crisp green apples. Hints of tropical flair emerge with notes of pineapple and mango, adding a touch of exotic intrigue. A subtle thread of citrus zest, particularly lemon and grapefruit, adds a layer of vibrancy, while a touch of minerality peeks through, hinting at the wine's Herkunft (German for "origin") and the influence of the Nelson region's unique terroir.

A Refreshing Encounter on the Palate: Purity and Balance

As the wine caresses your palate, prepare for a burst of refreshing acidity. This unoaked Chardonnay boasts a clean and lively mouthfeel, with the vibrant acidity perfectly balanced by the natural sweetness of the grapes. The fruit flavours echo the enticing bouquet, with ripe peaches, nectarines, and citrus zest taking the lead. Hints of tropical fruits, like pineapple and mango, linger in the background, adding complexity. The unoaked nature of the wine allows the grape's natural minerality to come forward, creating a captivating counterpoint to the fruit-forward character and leaving a long, refreshing aftertaste.

Serving Suggestions: Optimising the Experience

To fully appreciate the beauty of Seifried Estate Old Coach Road Unoaked Chardonnay, serving it at the optimal temperature is key. Aim for a cool 10-12°C (50-54°F). This temperature range preserves the wine's delicate aromatics and ensures the refreshing acidity remains vibrant. Consider chilling the bottle in the refrigerator for 30 minutes before serving or using an ice bucket to maintain the ideal temperature throughout the evening.

Food Pairings: A Culinary Canvas

Seifried Estate Old Coach Road Unoaked Chardonnay's refreshing acidity and unoaked character make it a versatile food pairing companion. Here are some suggestions to create a delightful culinary experience:

  • Seafood: The wine's acidity cuts through the richness of oily fish, making it a perfect match for grilled salmon, seared tuna, or pan-fried scallops. Consider dishes with light sauces or citrusy accompaniments to further complement the wine's vibrant character.
  • Shellfish: The unoaked Chardonnay's clean profile pairs beautifully with the delicate flavours of shellfish. Steamed mussels with a light herb broth, grilled prawns with a squeeze of lemon, or fresh oysters on the half shell are all excellent choices.
  • Salads: Salads bursting with fresh summer ingredients, such as grilled chicken, goat cheese, and a light vinaigrette, find a wonderful match in this unoaked Chardonnay. The wine's acidity enhances the flavours of the salad components, creating a refreshing and balanced pairing.
  • Vegetarian Dishes: Lighter vegetarian dishes also pair well with this unoaked Chardonnay. Opt for dishes featuring fresh vegetables, creamy cheeses, or light pastas with a touch of tomato sauce. The wine's clean profile won't overpower the delicate flavours of vegetarian cuisine.

A Celebration of Unoaked Purity

Seifried Estate Old Coach Road Unoaked Chardonnay is a testament to the beauty of unoaked Chardonnay. This vibrant and refreshing wine offers a delightful journey through New Zealand's sunshine-drenched vineyards. With its clean fruit flavours, lively acidity, and versatility with food, it's a perfect choice for any occasion. So, uncork a bottle, gather your friends, and experience the unoaked charm of this captivating Chardonnay.


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