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Sean Thackrey - Andromeda

Sean Thackrey

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This is, as always, Pinot Noir from a vineyard above Nicasio in Marin County, thus the closest to Bolinas of all the vineyards we harvest from, and one of the cooler and windier Pinot Noir growing sites in the world. This means the fruit is never baked, fatal to the quality of Pinot in warmer locations; but the vineyard being above the fog line, there's no lack of sun, thus no problem with ripeness. Furthermore, during flowering the wind produces millerandage, or "hens & chicks" in English, meaning in essence a terrible fruit set, with only a minority of fully formed berries in each cluster, the remainder being tiny "shot" berries, so named for their resemblance to buckshot. This means a naturally very high proportion of skins to juice, in turn meaning a Pinot Noir naturally intense in color and flavor. As usual, I've done everything to accentuate these (excellent) natural characteristics, and the result is reliably delicious; a Pinot Noir of exceptional authenticity, depth, and complexity; at home, it's hard for me to keep my corkscrew away from it.

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