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Nibbs Elderflower Gin

Nibbs Elderflower Gin

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Nibbs Elderflower Gin: A Taste of the Surrey Hills in Every Sip

Aromatic Delight: A Deep Dive into Nibbs Elderflower Gin

For gin enthusiasts seeking a taste of summer captured in a bottle, look no further than Nibbs Elderflower Gin. Crafted in small batches by a passionate family business nestled in the heart of Surrey, Nibbs Elderflower Gin offers a unique and refreshing take on the classic spirit.

A Labour of Love: From Surrey Countryside to Your Glass

The secret to Nibbs Elderflower Gin lies in its meticulous production process. The gin starts with the freshest elderflower blossoms, hand-picked from the lush countryside surrounding Surrey and Sussex. These delicate flowers are then expertly blended with a selection of complementary botanicals, including juniper, the quintessential gin ingredient. The use of fresh, local elderflower imbues Nibbs Gin with an unmistakable floral character, setting it apart from its juniper-forward counterparts.

Aromatic Exploration: Unveiling the Flavour Profile

Nibbs Elderflower Gin boasts a captivating aroma that instantly transports you to a sun-drenched English meadow. The dominant notes of elderflower are beautifully complemented by subtle hints of citrus, particularly lemon and lime. These citrusy undertones add a touch of vibrancy and prevent the elderflower from becoming overly sweet. As the aroma unfolds, whispers of juniper peek through, reminding you that this is, at its core, a sophisticated gin.

On the Palate: A Symphony of Flavours

The initial sip of Nibbs Elderflower Gin delivers a burst of fresh elderflower, mirroring the enticing aroma. The floral notes are balanced perfectly by a gentle citrus zest, creating a delightful harmony on the tongue. The juniper presence is subtle yet undeniable, providing a grounding structure to the floral and citrusy elements. As the gin lingers on the palate, a touch of sweetness emerges, without ever becoming cloying.

The Finish: A Lingering Delight

Nibbs Elderflower Gin boasts a refreshingly clean finish that lingers pleasantly on the tongue. The elderflower notes gradually fade, leaving behind a subtle hint of juniper and zesty citrus. This lingering finish invites another sip, making Nibbs Elderflower Gin a truly captivating spirit.

Serving Suggestions: Unlocking the Full Potential

Nibbs Elderflower Gin's versatility shines through in a variety of serving options. Here are some suggestions to help you experience the full potential of this exceptional gin:

  • The Perfect G&T: For a classic and refreshing serve, combine 50ml of Nibbs Elderflower Gin with 150ml of your favourite premium tonic water. Garnish with a slice of fresh lemon or a sprig of mint to elevate the experience.
  • A Floral Fizz:  For a touch of elegance, combine 50ml of Nibbs Elderflower Gin with 25ml of freshly squeezed lemon juice and top up with chilled prosecco. Garnish with a few elderflower blossoms for a visually stunning and delightful cocktail.
  • The Summer Spritz:  Embrace the summer vibes with a vibrant spritz. Combine 35ml of Nibbs Elderflower Gin with 25ml of Aperol, 25ml of fresh grapefruit juice, and top up with soda water. Garnish with a slice of grapefruit for a refreshing and celebratory drink.
  • Beyond the Glass:  Nibbs Elderflower Gin's floral character makes it a fantastic addition to cocktails that traditionally call for elderflower liqueur. Experiment by incorporating Nibbs Elderflower Gin into your favourite French 75 or Hugo Spritz recipes for a unique twist.

In Conclusion: A Gin for Every Occasion

Nibbs Elderflower Gin is a captivating spirit that celebrates the beauty of the Surrey countryside. Its delicate floral notes, balanced by refreshing citrus and a subtle juniper base, make it a perfect choice for gin connoisseurs and casual drinkers alike. Whether enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or as part of a creative cocktail, Nibbs Elderflower Gin promises a delightful and refreshing drinking experience.

Order your bottle of Nibbs Elderflower Gin today from The General Wine Company and embark on a flavour journey to the heart of Surrey.


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