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Nautilus Pinot Gris Marlborough

Nautilus Pinot Gris Marlborough

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New Zealand
Vegan Friendly
White Wine

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Country:  New Zealand
Region:  Marlborough

Grape variety:  Pinot Gris

About: A family owned vineyard Nautilus benefits from generations of experience. Robert Hill Smith owns the winery and is fifth generation. The winery is impressive and allows the freedom of picking and wine making when the grapes are fully ripe without compromise. Marlborough region has three main sub regions, each offering different soils and climatic variations, which Nautilus uses to offer diverse flavours to its wines.

The wineries logo and statement - ‘The mathematically perfect spiral of the Nautilus shell has been admired since ancient Greek times. This shape is found throughout nature: in the growth of seeds on a sunflower head, in the air movement of a cyclone, or in the spiral through which a hawk flies towards its prey. This natural balance and proportion is something we seek to express in our wines.’

Marlborough on the Northeastern corner of South Island is the best known wine region for New Zealand famed for many years for Sauvignon Blanc. However in recent years many wineries have diversified to offer a more extensive range. Nautilus have always been unique in their approach and have not only made original wines, but those considered of high quality. The region is sheltered from Westerly winds and has a cool maritime climate. Like Nelson, it shares very long sunshine hours, cool nights and sunny days.

Tasting Notes:  A pale straw colour with vibrant aromas of fresh pears, quince and hints of ginger and cloves. This wine has been carefully made to reflect the grape in its natural state. Concentrated flavours of pears and white stone fruits, whilst showing acidity and a medium body. The finish is dry and crisp.

Product Specifications:

Closure:  Screwtop

Alcohol %:  13%

Unit size:  750ml

For bulk orders please do not hesitate to contact us - 01428 727744 or 01730 235923

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