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Monin - Gomme Sirop - 75cl


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Monin Gomme (gum Arabic) flavour syrup in stylish 70cl glass bottle. The gum Arabic is a natural gum which is also called gum acacia. It originates from the sap of the Acacia Senegal or the Acacia Seyal trees which are mainly cultivated in Africa. The gum Arabic is a complex mixture of saccharides and glycoproteins that is perfectly edible. Apart from uses in painting and photography, the gum Arabic is used a lot in the food industry as it will give a particular consistency and stability to a product. Many candies are made with gum Arabic among which of course chewing gums. Monin Gum syrup is made of gum Arabic and orange blossom. If you are in quest of authenticity and delicacy of taste, you will prefer it to pure cane sugar and enjoy it in similar applications.

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