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McHenry Hohnen Hazel Vineyard Marsanne Roussanne

McHenry Hohnen Hazel Vineyard Marsanne Roussanne

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McHenry Hohnen Hazel Vineyard Marsanne Roussanne: A Fragrant Journey Through Margaret River

The McHenry Hohnen Hazel Vineyard Marsanne Roussanne is an exceptional white wine produced in the Margaret River wine region of Western Australia. This meticulously crafted blend showcases the elegance and complexity achievable with the Marsanne and Roussanne grape varietals.

On the Eye:  The wine presents a pale straw colour with a hint of green, hinting at its youthful vibrancy.  Held against the light, the clarity and brilliance of the wine are evident.

On the Nose:  The aromatic profile of this Marsanne Roussanne is truly captivating. Immediately upon swirling the glass, a wave of enticing aromas unfolds.  Delicate floral notes of honeysuckle and frangipani mingle with hints of chamomile tea, creating a sense of freshness and intrigue.  As the wine opens further, riper stone fruit characters emerge, with hints of peach and apricot adding a touch of juicy sweetness.  Subtle nuances of beeswax and preserved lemon add a layer of complexity, hinting at the wine's potential to develop further in the bottle.

On the Palate:  The first sip of the McHenry Hohnen Hazel Vineyard Marsanne Roussanne reveals a wine of medium body with a beautifully balanced texture.  The influence of the Marsanne grape is evident in the richness and weight on the palate, while the Roussanne contributes a refreshing minerality and a touch of salinity.  The flavours echo the aromas, with ripe stone fruit and hints of citrus complemented by subtle floral notes.  A vibrant acidity runs throughout the palate, cleansing and invigorating, ensuring a lingering and satisfying finish.

Food Pairing:  The versatility of the McHenry Hohnen Hazel Vineyard Marsanne Roussanne makes it a perfect partner for a variety of dishes.  Its richness and texture can stand up to creamy sauces and roasted poultry, while its acidity cuts through oily fish and complements shellfish beautifully.  Consider pairing it with herb-roasted chicken, creamy pasta dishes with pancetta, or grilled seafood skewers with a squeeze of lemon.  For a vegetarian option, try pairing it with roasted vegetables drizzled with olive oil and fresh herbs.

Overall Impression:  The McHenry Hohnen Hazel Vineyard Marsanne Roussanne is a stunning example of Margaret River white wine.  This meticulously crafted blend offers an aromatic and flavourful journey, showcasing the beauty of the Marsanne and Roussanne grapes.  With its balanced acidity, elegant texture, and lingering finish, this wine is sure to impress both novice and experienced wine drinkers alike.


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