Luxardo - Maraschino - 500ml

Luxardo - Maraschino - 500ml


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Maraschino is one of the very few liqueurs in the world produced by distillation. It is obtained from the marasca a sour cherry variety exclusively cultivated by Luxardo. The distillate is allowed to mature for two years in Finnish ash vats - a wood that does not lend its color even after many years of maturing - and is then diluted and sugared. Though similarly named this Maraschino liqueur bears little resemblance to the unnaturally colored cherries that come on your sundaes - this cherry liqueur is complex aromatic and balanced.Serve Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur neat or on the rocks as an after-dinner drink with iced tonic water or in a variety of cocktails. Drinks that can include Maraschino liqueur as an ingredient are the Mary Pickford Cuba Libre Daiquiri Screwdriver Derby Royal York Special Dewey Flip Cider Cobbler Gilmore Punch and Martinez (the Martini predecessor). This is a must-have for all classic cocktail enthusiasts.

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