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Koniks Tail - Vodka Premium Polish Vodka - 700ml

Koniks Tail

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Koniks Tail Is Produced In Limited Quantities In Accordance With Uncompromising Polish Vodka-Making Traditions Dating Back Over Six Hundred Years And Handcrafted Under The Watchful Eye Of Pleurat Shabani And Bernadeta Ejsmont The Master Of The Cellar (Mistrz Ceremonii). Each Bottle Is Filled And Labelled By Hand And Signed By The Master Of The Cellar. To Ensure The Integrity Of Koniks Tail All The Grains Coming To The Distillery Are Furnished With A Unique Lot Number So The Grain Can Be Traced Back To The Farmers Field And The Source Of The Seed. Best Savoured Neat In A Frozensommeliers Black Tiewine Glass.Allow To Breathe Like A Fine Wine Adorned With A Pinch Of Organic Spelt Grain.

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