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Jordan Estate Sauvignon Blanc Cold Fact

Jordan Estate Sauvignon Blanc Cold Fact

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Jordan Estate Sauvignon Blanc Cold Fact: A Refreshing Taste of South Africa


South Africa's Stellenbosch region is renowned for its world-class Sauvignon Blanc, and Jordan Estate's 'Cold Fact' is a prime example of its vibrant, distinctive style. Crafted from carefully selected grapes, this wine showcases the cool-climate elegance of Stellenbosch, offering a delightful balance of crisp acidity, ripe fruit flavours, and a refreshingly dry finish.

Tasting Notes

  • Appearance: Jordan Cold Fact Sauvignon Blanc displays a pale lemon colour with hints of green, promising a bright, refreshing experience.
  • Nose: The nose explodes with aromas of passionfruit, gooseberry, and freshly cut grass. Subtle notes of citrus zest and a hint of minerality add complexity.
  • Palate: A burst of zesty lime and green fig greets the palate, followed by a wave of tropical fruit flavours. The acidity is crisp and mouthwatering, beautifully balanced by a subtle creaminess. Hints of green pepper and fresh herbs linger on the clean, dry finish.

Food Pairing Suggestions

Jordan Cold Fact Sauvignon Blanc's versatility makes it a fantastic partner for various dishes:

  • Seafood Delights: Its vibrant acidity complements fresh oysters, grilled prawns, or a classic fish and chips.
  • Summer Salads: The wine's herbaceous notes pair wonderfully with a goat cheese and fig salad or a zesty grilled chicken salad.
  • Aromatic Asian Cuisine: Try it with a Thai green curry, Vietnamese summer rolls, or Japanese sushi for a delightful match.
  • Creamy Vegetarian Dishes: This Sauvignon Blanc also has the body to stand up to richer vegetarian dishes like spinach and ricotta ravioli.

About Jordan Estate Sauvignon Blanc "Cold Fact"

Hailing from the esteemed Stellenbosch region, this wine benefits from the cooling influence of ocean breezes, preserving its natural acidity and vibrant flavours. Jordan Estate's commitment to sustainable viticulture shines through in this elegant Sauvignon Blanc.


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