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Jack Daniel's Old No.7 Whiskey 1.5 ltr

Jack Daniel's Old No.7 Whiskey 1.5 ltr

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Country:  USA
Region:  Tennessee

About:  The worlds best selling Sour Mash! Iconic! Aged four to six years, the distinctive, pungent nose and powerful flavour of Jack Daniels have made it a favourite around the world and although some find it too assertive, there can be no denying it's quality.  Mr Daniels' promise that every day we make it well, make it the best we can is perpetuated to this day with an almost religious devotion.  Little known fact...Strictly speaking Jack Daniels is not considered a Bourbon because it is charcoal mellowed - slowly drop by drop, filtered through sugar-maple charcoal - prior to aging, which many experts say gives it a diferent character.  The process called 'The Lincoln County Process', infuses a sweet and sooty character into the distillate as it removes impurities.  up to and after the charcoal filtering, however, the Jack Daniels production is much the same as ay other Bourbon.  We'll leave it to you to make up your own mind!

Tasting Notes:  Beautifully balanced notes of sweet vanilla and caramel, some oak adds complexity.  Great addition to cocktails or just on it's own!

Product Specificition

Closure:  Screwtop

Alcohol %:  40%

Unit size:  150cl

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