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Gonzalez Byass Palo Cortado Apostoles Sherry 37.5cl

Gonzalez Byass Palo Cortado Apostoles Sherry 37.5cl

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Gonzalez Byass Palo Cortado Apostoles Sherry 37.5cl: A Deep Dive into a Unique Sherry

Looking for a complex and delicious sherry to tantalise your taste buds? Look no further than the Gonzalez Byass Palo Cortado Apostoles Sherry 37.5cl, a half-bottle gem from Spain's renowned Jerez region. This unique offering showcases the beauty of Palo Cortado, a rare sherry style known for its aged richness and nutty character.

A Blend of Tradition and Innovation:

The Apostoles is a product of both time-tested methods and clever innovation. Crafted by the esteemed Gonzalez Byass bodega, it begins its journey as a dry Palomino sherry, the foundation of most sherries.  Following fermentation, it undergoes a critical step - fortification with grape spirit to around 18% alcohol. This process halts fermentation and preserves the wine's natural sweetness.

What sets the Apostoles apart is its unique ageing process. After spending ten years developing its character in a Palo Cortado solera (a fractional ageing system), a portion of the wine is blended with 13% Pedro Ximénez grapes. Pedro Ximénez grapes are sun-dried to concentrate their sugars, resulting in a naturally sweet and raisiny character. This ingenious blend adds a touch of sweetness and complexity to the Palo Cortado base, creating a truly special sherry.

Tasting Profile: A Symphony of Flavours

Pour yourself a glass of the Gonzalez Byass Palo Cortado Apostoles and prepare to be captivated by its alluring aroma. Rich notes of dark caramel mingle with hints of minerality and roasted nuts, offering a captivating prelude to the taste experience.

On the palate, the sherry unveils its full complexity. The initial dryness of the Palo Cortado is met by a gentle wave of sweetness from the Pedro Ximénez, resulting in a delightful off-dry character. The flavours unfold gracefully, revealing hints of butterscotch, dried fruits like figs and raisins, and a touch of oaky spice from its prolonged ageing. The finish is long and lingering, leaving a pleasant and well-balanced memory.

Food Pairings: A Match Made in Heaven

The Gonzalez Byass Palo Cortado Apostoles is a versatile food pairing companion. Its unique flavour profile makes it a perfect match for a variety of dishes. Here are some suggestions to elevate your dining experience:

  • Appetisers:  Pair the Apostoles with savoury tapas like cured jamón ibérico (Iberian ham), creamy Manchego cheese, or grilled asparagus drizzled with olive oil. The sherry's nutty character complements the richness of the ham and cheese, while its acidity cuts through the fattiness.
  • Main Courses:  For a truly decadent experience, enjoy the Apostoles alongside roasted poultry or red meat dishes.  Duck confit, lamb chops, or a hearty mushroom risotto would all be fantastic pairings. The sherry's richness can stand up to the boldness of these dishes, while its touch of sweetness balances out savoury flavours.
  • Desserts: While some sherries are best enjoyed alone, the Apostoles' off-dry style makes it a delightful partner for certain desserts.  Try it with blue cheese and pear tart, a crème brûlée, or a fig and walnut cake. The sherry's sweetness complements the richness of the desserts without being overpowering.

A touch of Luxury in a Half Bottle:

Presented in a convenient 37.5cl bottle, the Gonzalez Byass Palo Cortado Apostoles is the perfect size for enjoying on its own or sharing with a special someone. Its exceptional quality and unique flavour profile make it a perfect choice for a celebratory occasion or simply a luxurious treat.

Order your bottle of Gonzalez Byass Palo Cortado Apostoles Sherry 37.5cl today from The General Wine Company and embark on a delightful journey into the world of exceptional sherry!


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