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Gonzalez Byass La Concha Sherry

Gonzalez Byass La Concha Sherry

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A Deep Dive into Gonzalez Byass La Concha Sherry: Tasting Notes and Food Pairings

The Gonzalez Byass La Concha Sherry is a delightful medium sherry, offering a delightful balance between nutty dryness and subtle sweetness. Produced by the esteemed Gonzalez Byass winery, this sherry is a fantastic introduction to the world of sherries and a versatile choice for any wine lover.

This detailed tasting note will explore the unique characteristics of La Concha Sherry, guiding you through its aroma, flavour profile, and mouthfeel. We'll also delve into perfect food pairings to elevate your culinary experience.

Grape Varietal and Ageing:

La Concha Sherry is primarily made from the Palomino grape, the foundation of most sherries. A small portion of Pedro Ximénez grapes, known for their intense sweetness, is blended in for a touch of richness. The wine undergoes ageing for three years in oak casks, which imparts a touch of complexity and nutty character.


On the nose, La Concha Sherry presents a fine and inviting bouquet. You'll be greeted with aromas of toasted hazelnuts, almonds, and a touch of toffee. Hints of dried fruit such as figs and raisins may also emerge, hinting at the Pedro Ximénez influence.

Flavour Profile:

The palate of La Concha Sherry is clean and balanced. The initial impression is dry, with prominent nutty flavours reminiscent of hazelnuts and almonds. The influence of Palomino grapes shines through here. As the wine lingers on the tongue, a subtle sweetness emerges, thanks to the touch of Pedro Ximénez. This sweetness is well-integrated and doesn't overpower the wine's overall dryness. Hints of toffee and vanilla may also tickle the taste buds, adding further complexity.


La Concha Sherry has a medium body, offering a pleasant weight on the palate without being heavy. The ageing in oak casks adds a touch of texture, with a subtle creaminess that complements the dryness of the wine. The acidity is lively, adding freshness and ensuring a clean finish.

Food Pairings:

La Concha Sherry's versatility makes it a fantastic pairing option for a variety of dishes. Here are some suggestions to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Appetisers: La Concha Sherry excels as an apéritif. Its dry style cleanses the palate and whets the appetite. Pair it with olives, Marcona almonds, cured meats like jamón ibérico, or a creamy goat cheese.
  • Soups and Salads: The wine's nutty character complements creamy soups well. Try it with a mushroom soup or a rich bisque. La Concha Sherry also cuts through the richness of creamy salad dressings, making it a great match for a Waldorf salad or a salad with blue cheese.
  • Main Courses: La Concha Sherry shines alongside various main courses. Roasted chicken or pork with savoury sauces find a perfect partner in this wine. It also complements fish dishes with a touch of sweetness, such as glazed salmon or seared scallops. Additionally, La Concha Sherry can hold its own against rich vegetarian dishes like stuffed portobello mushrooms or lentil stew.
  • Cheeses: La Concha Sherry is a natural partner for a cheese board. Its nutty flavours pair beautifully with hard cheeses like Manchego or Pecorino. It also complements creamy cheeses like Brie or Camembert, with the wine's acidity cutting through the creaminess.
  • Desserts: While not a dessert wine in the traditional sense, La Concha Sherry's touch of sweetness makes it a delightful pairing with certain desserts. Try it with fruit tarts, crème brûlée, or even a slice of apple pie.


The Gonzalez Byass La Concha Sherry is a superb choice for sherry enthusiasts and newcomers alike. Its balanced profile offers a delightful interplay between dryness and subtle sweetness, with nutty aromas and flavours adding complexity. With its food-friendly nature, La Concha Sherry is a versatile addition to any table. So, uncork a bottle, explore its unique character, and discover a world of flavour pairings waiting to be explored.


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