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Garces Silva - Amayna Sauvignon Blanc - 750ml

Garces Silva

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Region:Aconcagua Valley
Main Grape:Sauvignon Blanc
Second Grape:
Third Grape:

The Garces-Silva family and its Amayna wines have earned worldwide recognition over the years and have demonstrated their passion for high quality and innovative wine production. With its noble and traditional style, Amayna wines are synonymous with elegance, complexity and concentrated flavours;The nose reveals ripe fruit and tropical nots that linger on the silky, friendly palate. Careful vinification and controlled oxygen contact preserve the pronounced aromatic intensity and make Amayna wines particularly suitable for aging and pairing with sophisticated cuisines;Whether consumed today or after years in the cellar, Amayna wines reflect the maximum expression of their terroir and the identity of the Garces Silva family. The poor soils and gentle ocean breezes create tremendous aromatic potential and the great intensity reflected in the wines floral aromas and fresh, exotic fruit. A full, balanced wine with personality and exquisite elegance;

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