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Fraccaroli Lugana Superiore Campo Sera

Fraccaroli Lugana Superiore Campo Sera

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Fraccaroli Lugana Superiore Campo Sera: A Detailed Tasting Experience

The Fraccaroli Lugana Superiore Campo Sera is a captivating white wine produced in the esteemed Lombardy region of Italy. This exceptional Lugana DOC superiore showcases the full potential of the Turbiana grape, also known as Trebbiano di Lugana.

A Wine of Heritage and Finesse

The Fraccaroli family boasts a rich viticultural legacy, and their Campo Sera reflects this heritage. The name translates to "high field," a fitting tribute to the meticulously tended vineyards that bask in the warm Italian sunshine. This meticulous approach is evident in every sip, from grape selection to the unique ageing process.

Unveiling the Sensory Profile

Visual: The Campo Sera greets the eye with a stunning straw yellow colour, illuminated by delicate greenish reflections. This captivating hue hints at the wine's vibrancy and freshness.

Aroma: On the nose, the wine unfolds a complex and inviting bouquet. Fragrances of citrus fruits like lemon and grapefruit mingle harmoniously with orchard fruits such as golden apple and pear. Hints of exotic pineapple add a touch of intrigue, while subtle notes of vanilla provide a touch of elegance. The intriguing interplay of aromas is further enriched by a whisper of lemongrass, adding a touch of herbal intrigue.

Palate: The first sip of Campo Sera reveals a wine of remarkable structure and elegance. The full-bodied nature is balanced beautifully by a crisp acidity, creating a delightful tension on the palate. Flavours of citrus and stone fruits, reminiscent of those detected on the nose, come alive with each sip. As the wine lingers, a captivating note of bitter almond emerges, adding a touch of complexity and intrigue to the finish.

Crafting a Masterpiece: The Winemaking Process

The exceptional quality of Campo Sera stems from the meticulous winemaking techniques employed by the Fraccaroli family. Here's a glimpse into the journey:

  • Grapes: The wine is crafted exclusively from 100% Turbiana grapes, meticulously selected from a cru vineyard situated between Peschiera del Garda and Sirmione, south of Lake Garda.
  • Harvest: The grapes are hand-picked during the optimal window of ripeness, typically in the last week of September and continuing into early October. This ensures the grapes retain their vibrant acidity and fresh fruit character.
  • Vinification: The winemaking process commences with a long maceration on the skins. This technique allows the grapes to impart additional flavour and texture to the wine. Following maceration, the grapes undergo a gentle pressing to extract the delicate juice. Fermentation then takes place in stainless steel tanks at controlled temperatures, preserving the wine's aromatic character.
  • Ageing: The Campo Sera undergoes a unique ageing process. A portion of the wine matures in oak barrels for six months, infusing subtle hints of spice and complexity. The remaining wine rests in stainless steel tanks for a further six months, ensuring freshness and vibrancy. Finally, the wine spends at least three to four months resting in the bottle before release, allowing the flavours to fully integrate.

Serving Suggestions and Food Pairings

To fully appreciate the brilliance of Fraccaroli Lugana Superiore Campo Sera, ensure it is served chilled, ideally between 10°C and 12°C. The wide-mouthed tulip glass is the perfect vessel for capturing the wine's captivating aromas.

This versatile white wine pairs beautifully with a variety of dishes. Its vibrant acidity and complex flavour profile make it an excellent accompaniment to seafood. Consider pairing it with grilled fish, pan-seared scallops, or a light pasta dish with a creamy seafood sauce.

Campo Sera also shines alongside poultry dishes. The wine's richness complements roast chicken or turkey, while its acidity cuts through the richness of creamy sauces.

For a vegetarian option, explore pairings with asparagus risotto, goat cheese salad, or grilled vegetables. The wine's bright acidity and herbal notes will enhance the flavours of these dishes.

A Wine for Every Occasion

The Fraccaroli Lugana Superiore Campo Sera is a truly versatile wine, perfect for enjoying on its own or as an accompaniment to a delicious meal. Its captivating character and exceptional quality make it a worthy addition to any wine lover's collection.

In Conclusion

The Campo Sera is a testament to the expertise of the Fraccaroli family. This captivating white wine offers a delightful balance of freshness, structure, and complexity. With its versatility and captivating flavour profile, the Campo Sera is sure to become a new favourite for discerning wine enthusiasts.


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