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Don Julio - Blanco Tequila - 700ml

Don Julio

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At the age of 17 Don Julio Gonzalez opened his first tequila distillery in 1942 in Atotonilco el Alto in Jalisco. His name has been synonymous with luxury tequila ever since. The distillery hand selects every one of its blue agaves at the peak of their sweetness and ripeness&mdashwaiting up to 12 years before harvesting. Rich clay soils and larger planting spaces help to ensure maximum nutrition and sunlight resulting a sweeter Agave for premium tequila production. The Agaves are then slowly cooked in masonry ovens at Don Julio La Primavera Distillery where the juice that is obtained is subsequently double distilled. This is how blanco Tequila should smell with unadorned raw but fetching peppery/dill-like aromas scents of lanolin palm oil sand minerals and slate. The palate entry is semi-dry intensely sap-like and honeyed at mid palate the taste profile displays a satiny texture and a robust herbal mildly salty flavor.38% Alc/Vol. Rating: 96-100-

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