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Domaine de Fontavin - Cotes du Rhone Rouge - 750ml

Domaine de Fontavin

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Main Grape:Grenache
Second Grape:Mourvedre
Third Grape:Shiraz & Syrah

A great balanced wine, complex and refined, with a beautifull aromatic composition: licorice, red fruits and more original empyreumatical nots;in the mouth, the tannins are round and teasing. Back in the 1970s, Martine et Michel CHOUVET married each other. Both issued from several generations of agriculturists, they have been sharing the same love for the lands and developed a strong passion for the vine;The family property, which is divided up on 6 different towns, then extends throughout the years, resulting in 1989 in the construction of their own vinification cellar. At that time they became "Independent winemakers". They since then elaborate their own wines that are marketed under the name "Domaine de Fontavin";In 1996 Hele;ne, their oenologist daughter, joined the familys estate;In 2008, a transition to organic farming is officially started;Step by step the vineyard is growing to 45 ha on 8 different towns. 2011 : the first organic vintage!

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