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Cocchi - Asti - 750ml


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Main Grape:Muscat
Second Grape:
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Cocchis ASTI is an undiscussed representative of the most popular aromatic sparkling wine tradition. Today, only small quantities of ASTI are produced by Giulio Cocchi through fermentation - in steel vats - of the finest, most selected Moscatos from the Asti hills. Creamy and delicate to taste, with a very scented aroma, this is the classic party wine suitable for everybody, due to its natural character and low alcohol content. All colors of the flags of the medieval origin festival Palio di Asti are paraded in this bottle that Giulio Cocchi produces with its now more than one-century old experience. Asti Cocchi is a balanced, sweet, low alcohol content sparkling wine, holding an immediately appreciable fragrance. Its aroma is rich and intense with a fruity taste of wisteria, acacia and honey.

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