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Chartreuse - Green - 500ml


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The Chartreuse Order of the Carthusian monks was founded in 1084 which makes it one of the oldest religious orders in Christianity. The Order was more than 500 years old when in 1605 they received a special gift: a manuscript titled "An Elixir of Long Life". A long and complex recipe it was not fully studied until 1737 by the monastery apothecary. After intensely studying the manuscript and performing a series of test runs the Chartreuse Elixir was finally created!This "liqueur of health" was distributed into small villages in the area. People were so fond of it that they drank it as a beverage rather than taking it as medicine. Realizing this the monks made a milder beverage which we know today as "Green Chartreuse". Presently only two monks have been entrusted by the Order with the production secrets of this unique spirit.Chartreuse Green Liqueur is created by macerating over 130 herbs plants roots and leaves into a base of wine alcohol creating a complex flavorful liqueur with a natural green color. Although typically served as a digestif Chartreuse is also an essential ingredient in cocktails such as The Last Word and Amber Dream.

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