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Chalice Mead Chilli Mead 35cl

Chalice Mead Chilli Mead 35cl

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Country:  England
Region:  Hampshire

About:   Mead is known to be the oldest alcoholic drink in the United Kingdom but it also is believed to be the ‘oldest alcoholic drink in the world’, as it was found in the ancient Pyramids in Egypt.

Mike Wagstaff is the founder of Chalice Mead, blending Mead with natural infusions and using the perfect balance of traditional and modern techniques, each bottle is filled from the heart.

'Our aim is two-fold, firstly, we are working hard to ensure that high quality mead reaches a wider audience, and secondly raising awareness of the vital role of bees play in food production.' - Mike Wagstaff

Mike owns his own 3 acre woodland situated just outside a beautiful South Downs village and part of this woodland has been left to flourish naturally to encourage the bees to pollenate the wild flowers as they grow and thrive in this small corner of paradise. He has also give talks to a number of groups about Mead and the importance of encouraging bees and was able to donate money from sales as promised to a charity of ‘Give Bees a Chance’ this year. This is something Mike is passionate about and is determined that annual donations will be given each year from the success of Chalice Mead.

Tasting Notes:  Infused with a subtle blush of chilli , our Chilli Mead is a delightfully heart-warming tipple. Chilli Mead offers a delightful balance of rich and golden honey, infused with a twist of gorgeous hot jalapeno Chilli. This is wonderful on its own, or with a chunk of ice, and a perfect accompaniment to cheese.

Product Specifications:

Closure:  Stopper

Alcohol %:  14.5%

Unit size:  35cl

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