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Bodega Casa del Marquès Rioja TInto Crianza

Bodega Casa del Marquès Rioja TInto Crianza

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Calling all Rioja enthusiasts! The Casa del Marques Rioja Tinto Crianza is a must-try for anyone seeking a quintessential expression of this world-renowned Spanish wine region. Produced by Bodegas Navajas, this Crianza delivers an exceptional balance of fruit, spice, and subtle oak, making it a versatile food pairing companion.

Uncorking the Character:

  • Visual: The Casa del Marques Rioja Tinto Crianza boasts a captivating deep cherry red colour with alluring violet highlights. As you swirl the wine in the glass, observe the good legs (tears) clinging to the sides - an indicator of its body and potential for flavour complexity.
  • Aroma: The initial bouquet entices with a burst of fresh red fruits like Morello cherry and raspberry. As the wine opens up, hints of vanilla, baking spice (think cinnamon and clove), and a touch of cocoa emerge, hinting at the subtle influence of oak ageing.
  • Palate: The first sip reveals a well-balanced and medium-bodied wine. The vibrant fruit flavours from the nose translate beautifully, mingling with subtle oaky notes that add structure and complexity. Supple tannins provide a pleasant grip on the palate, leading to a lingering and satisfying finish.

Food Pairings for Every Occasion:

The Casa del Marques Rioja Tinto Crianza's versatility makes it a perfect partner for a wide range of dishes. Here are some delectable pairings to elevate your dining experience:

  • Tapas & Pintxos: Embrace the Spanish spirit by uncorking a bottle alongside a selection of tapas or pintxos. Grilled chorizo, roasted peppers, and cured meats like jamón serrano find perfect harmony with the wine's fruit and spice notes.
  • Sunday Roast:  For a comforting Sunday roast, the Casa del Marques Rioja Tinto Crianza stands up beautifully to roasted lamb or chicken. The wine's richness and subtle tannins complement the savoury flavours of the meat, while the fruity notes cut through the fattiness.
  • Hearty Vegetarian Dishes: Don't shy away from pairing this Rioja with vegetarian fare. Mushroom risotto, lentil stew, or stuffed portobello mushrooms with a robust tomato sauce create a delightful vegetarian feast when accompanied by the Casa del Marques.
  • Charcuterie & Cheese:  For an intimate gathering, create a delectable cheeseboard featuring Manchego, Iberico ham, and Marcona almonds. The Casa del Marques Rioja Tinto Crianza will enhance the savoury flavours of the charcuterie and complement the richness of the cheese.

Beyond the Bottle: The Art of Rioja Crianza

The Casa del Marques Tinto Crianza exemplifies the "Crianza" designation in Rioja wines. By law, Crianza wines must undergo oak ageing for a minimum of one year and spend a total of three years ageing before release. This process imparts subtle oaky characteristics to the wine, adding complexity and structure without overwhelming the fruit. The Casa del Marques Tinto Crianza demonstrates this ageing process beautifully, showcasing a harmonious balance between the Tempranillo grape's inherent fruitiness and the gentle influence of oak.

A Touch of History: Bodegas Navajas

The Casa del Marques Rioja Tinto Crianza originates from Bodegas Navajas, a family-run winery nestled in the heart of Rioja Alta. For generations, the winery has been dedicated to crafting high-quality Rioja wines that celebrate the region's unique terroir. Their commitment to tradition and meticulous winemaking practices shines through in every bottle of Casa del Marques, including the Tinto Crianza.

In Conclusion:

The Casa del Marques Rioja Tinto Crianza is an exceptional value proposition for those seeking a delicious and food-friendly Rioja. Its vibrant fruit character, balanced structure, and subtle oak influence make it a crowd-pleaser. Whether you're enjoying a casual weeknight meal or hosting a special occasion, this versatile wine is sure to impress. So, uncork a bottle, savour the flavours, and experience the essence of classic Rioja with the Casa del Marques Tinto Crianza.

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