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Caorunn - Small Batch Scottish Gin - 700ml


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Caorunn Is More Than A Gin. It Is A Perfectly Balanced Super-Premium Small Batch Scottish Gin Infused With Hand-Picked Botanicals Inspired By Celtic Tradition.Created From The Celtic Landscape Caorunn Gin Delivers A Taste That Sets Us Apart. Five Celtic Botanicals..... From The Old Gaelic Word Caorunn Or Rhuda-An Pronounced Ka-Roon. This Piquant Rowan Berry Has Inspired Celtic Medicines And Recipes For Generations. It Forms The Very Soul Of Our Gin. Heather Is An Integral Part Of The Highland Landscape And An Integral Part Of Caorunn. It Allows Subtle Perfumed Undertones With A Nuance Of Honey.The Bog Myrtle - This Fragrant Plant Conjures Images Of Scottish Highland Walks. It Infuses A Soft Sweet Resinous Aroma To Our Gin. From Ancient Celtic History The Dandelion Has Been Used As A Herb. It Lends Our Gin Just A Hint Of Sharpness.The Coul Blush Apple - First Fruited In Coul Ross-Shire In 1827 This Is A Celtic Creation. Its Clean Sweet Aromatic Taste Forms A Perfectly Balanced Complement To Our Ingredients Caorunn Is A Dry And Crisp Aromatic Taste Adventure With A Long Dry Finish. Appearance -Perfectly Clear Like Pure Scottish Water. Aroma -Fresh Floral Citrus Slightly Spicy And Aromatic. Flavour -Clean Crisp Sweet Full Bodied And Aromatic. Finish -Invigorating Long Lasting Refreshing Crisp And Slightly Drying.

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