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Bonotto delle Tezze - Raboso Passito - 500ml

Bonotto delle Tezze

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Main Grape:Raboso
Second Grape:
Third Grape:

Extreme expression of the grape Raboso the Raisin evokes memories of our childhood when we children were allowed on special occasions to taste microscopic black colored glass cups. Today we have grown but the emotions that still conveys this wine make it more unique than ever. Type of soil: In soil the stones are evident on the surface and in the subsurface soil to ensure good drainage vital fresh and dry where the symbiosis between the screw and the other plants is at its best.In cultivation all operations are done manually and are followed criteria of naturalness and physiology for a sustainable agricultural management. Training system and yield per hectare: Traditional ray said Bellussera with screws that come to exceed 4 meters in height.Yield around 100 quintals per hectare. Harvest time: Between the middle and the end of October we proceed to the selection of the clusters and the collection in boxes that are brought in fruit for drying. Winemaking: At the end of the drying period (which lasts on average 120 days) the grapes are de-stemmed crushed and sent to the maceration in wood or steel.Following a long slow fermentation at low temperature.After settling the natural Raisin is put into barrels for aging for at least 24 months. Yield of grapes into wine: 14-16 liters per 100 kg of fresh grapes Organoleptic characteristics and temperature: And perhaps his being out of the chorus to determine its success.His strong character austere that even the withering knows dissolve completely but also his vivid sensations of fruit Morello in particular Plum follow.Sweetness and acidity.A wine to be produced must first be "heard" and loved.

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