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Bombay Sapphire - London Dry Vapour Infused Gin - 700ml

Bombay Sapphire

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Released in the late 1980s Bombay Sapphire was the first London Dry to be marketed as a super premium Gin. While most gins take their flavour from four or five botanicals most notably the juniper berry Bombay Sapphire uses no less than ten achieving an altogether more balanced and refined taste. Furthermore the distilling process is unique. Most other gins boil up the botanicals with the spirit. But with Bombay Sapphire the spirit is distilled alone. Thus it is in vapour form when it passes through the perforated copper botanicals basket. This process allows each delicate aroma to be absorbed from each respective botanical. These include almonds lemon peel liquorice juniper berries orris angelica cassia bark cubeb berries and coriander. Bombays character is more complex and herbal than other gins and its price is indicative of its quality.

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